In an op-ed for Fox News published Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr., son of President Trump and executive vice president of the Trump Organization, presents the case for why the stakes are even higher in 2020 than they were in 2016, and it starts with one straightforward assertion: “We are no longer dealing with the party of Hillary Clinton, let alone the party of Bill Clinton.”

“My father and his re-election campaign are all that stand between the prosperous, faithful, and peaceful America of the Trump economic boom, and the revenge-hungry, far-left extremist party of ‘The Resistance,'” writes Trump.

That Resistance — formed in response to his father’s stunning victory over Clinton, whom all the politicians, pollsters and political analysts deemed the prohibitive favorite — is steered by “a previously marginalized radical fringe,” which has rapidly become “the ideological vanguard of any future Democratic administration,” he writes.

“It’s important for voters to recognize what kind of a country lurks beneath the relentless, cheap attacks on family and country that serve to frame the Democrats’ campaign as a return to ‘normalcy,'” he states.

Among the goals of even the self-described “moderate” Democratic presidential hopefuls is a call for radical policies, including those that would move us closer to “open borders.” “In a few short years, supporting ever greater numbers of poor illegal immigrants and opposing any serious attempt to enforce existing laws have become articles of faith on the left,” he writes.

Along with the Democrats’ “march toward open borders” is their increasing embrace of a socialist agenda, which “actively encourages the subversion of the American economy.”

As demonstrated by the Left’s unfair castigation of the Covington Catholic high schoolers, he suggests, the Democrats “long for a country that will tolerate absolutely no dissent” from their radical agenda. “Democrats want a country where Catholic high schoolers can be harassed in the street for wearing MAGA hats and then smeared as racist bigots in media, threatened with expulsion, and ruined simply for not immediately giving in,” he writes.

And the Left is applying that same free speech-suppressing approach to social media, where Big Tech is finding ways to shut down voices of dissent from the Right. With Democrats fully in charge, there will be no one to check their abuse of power.

“If you don’t like how they would remake America, you might as well just be yelling into the void,” he warns. “The Democrats will defend their allies in Silicon Valley from any consequences for their sustained, unmitigated campaign to censor all but the most milquetoast of views from the internet.” (Read the full op-ed here.)

Trump’s warnings about the clamp-down on speech by Big Tech come amid a series of reports suggesting a concerted effort to squeeze out right-leaning voices on social media platforms. In an interview that aired last week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai admitted that the world’s leading search engine “rank[s] content based on quality” and is working to “prevent borderline content,” and that YouTube is now implementing the same approach. By “borderline content,” Pichai explained, he means “content which doesn’t exactly violate policies, which need to be removed, but which can still cause harm.”

The same week the interview was published, YouTube announced sweeping changes to how it was handling content it deemed “discriminatory’ or “harmful” to the community.

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