The following is satirical.

Democrats and other small-minded sanctimonious putzes are absolutely shocked at the behavior of teenage Second Amendment supporter Kyle Kashuv. Harvard University rescinded its acceptance of Kashuv because of his support of freedom and the guns required to defend it, but pretended they were doing it because Kashuv used some ugly racist language when he was sixteen in order to shock people because he was sixteen.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam rushed to condemn Kashuv’s racist remarks, telling reporters, “It is utterly disgusting that Kashuv used language so offensive to the race I was pretending to be when I wore blackface while in medical school and posed in a photograph with another student dressed as a Klansman, unless it turns out I was the Klansman in which case the language was okay and I’m going to burn a cross on Harvard’s lawn.”

Rachel Dolezal also weighed in on Kashuv’s remarks, saying, “As a former fake black person I am in deep fake shock to hear these ugly remarks about the race I was pretending to be when I conned my way into a job at the NAACP and a job teaching African Studies at East Washington University. The sort of language Kashuv used could incite the sort of hate crimes I pretended were committed against me when I pretended I was attacked for the race I pretended being.”

Another offended Democrat was presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who told a gathering of supporters, “As a former fake Native American, I feel a sense of connection with all fake minorities and all the fake prejudice they and I have pretended to suffer through the years. It’s dopey 16-year-olds saying stupid stuff they don’t really believe that has set fake race relations back to the point where we can fake being shocked in order to distract from what we’re really up to, and that’s what Harvard has done.”

All in all, Democrats agree that Kashuv’s idiotic adolescent remarks are a tremendous fake insult to all the fake minorities throughout the Democrat party.

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