On Tuesday’s radio program, Glenn Beck was joined by New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor to talk about America’s current “toxic” culture and how we are on the brink of losing freedom of speech in today’s digital age.

Brad said our country is experiencing “a wasting away of our culture in our unity as Americans.”

“We see ourselves as these silos, these sub-groups well before we see each other as fellow Americans,” he explained. “That’s not good for our republic.”

Glenn talked about the threat of losing our right to free speech and how tech giants are able to censor content and silence voices because they operate as platforms, not publishers.

“We always said in this country that the answer to bad speech is not less speech, it’s more speech,” Brad responded. “I am concerned that we have people who are only getting their news from Facebook. I don’t care if you’re left, right, or center, that’s not a good idea to gather all of your news from Facebook.”

“We’re at the top of the mountain,” he continued. “But, if we’re not careful, if we lean too far forward, too far back, too far left, too far right, you fall off the top of the mountain. This is the best point in the history of the world to be alive, and we’re in the greatest country to be alive in, but if we aren’t careful, we can lose it.”

Catch more of the conversation in the video below:

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