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Sticking together …

On Tuesday, freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ludicrously compared ICE detention centers for illegal immigrants to “concentration camps.” Her loaded remarks were meant to draw comparisons to the treatment of Jews by the Nazis. Ocasio-Cortez knew exactly what she was doing with her false equivalency, and so did the media types who rallied to her defense.

Before delving into the media’s defense of Ocasio-Cortez, let’s look back quickly at how detention centers got started. The law leading to modern immigration detention centers was signed by President Bill Clinton. President Barack Obama’s administration made extensive use of detention centers. But now that Donald Trump is president, the left wants to call them “concentration camps.”

The media scarcely reported on Obama’s detention policies yet have rushed to paint Trump’s similar policies as draconian and evil. This is the underlying reason they are supporting Ocasio-Cortez’s comments.

The Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz has a roundup of the media personalities who have rushed to Ocasio-Cortez’s defense. From Slate’s Josh Keating to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Rutz highlights how these media types are all about explaining that “concentration camp” does not equal Nazi death camp.

That doesn’t fly. It’s generally accepted that when you say “concentration camp,” you know exactly what that means.

In its coverage, the Washington Post leapt to use its tried-and-true “Republicans pounce” narrative. Its headline stated that there was “Republican outcry.”

These media types actually believe that in continuing Obama administration policies, the Trump administration, and moreover Trump personally, is overseeing “concentration camps” that rival what the Nazis did.

This all goes to serve the No. 1 goal of the press: The removal of Donald Trump from the office of the presidency. No matter what the cost to their own fleeting credibility.

NY Times ignores Levin, again …

On Tuesday at TheBlaze, I wrote of how the folks at the NY Times Review of Books once again have snubbed LevinTV host Mark Levin. This time, the paper published a featured look at five conservative authors, including Ben Shapiro and NeverTrumper George Will. Despite being No. 1 on the nonfiction bestseller list at the Times for weeks, Levin wasn’t featured.

As I noted, this isn’t the first time the Times tried to snub Levin. Back in 2017, it did not show his book “Rediscovering Americanism” at the top of the charts even though it topped other such lists. At the time, a Times spokesman explained how its lists used subjective criteria in addition to objective metrics.

Perhaps this time the Times was afraid of highlighting Levin because of his devastating takedown of the paper’s actions in trying to hide the Holocaust from the American people.

Mark Levin hosts LevinTV on BlazeTV, which like TheBlaze, is owned by Blaze Media.

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