On Wednesday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” Knowles breaks down CNN’s petty reaction to the Trump rally crowd chanting, “CNN sucks!” Video and partial transcript below:

We all knew this was happening. It’s no big surprise that he’s announcing his campaign. The campaign never really ended. He’s done rallies throughout his presidency. This is true of other presidents too. So, it doesn’t seem like a huge moment except there was a massive crowd there in Orlando, Florida.

Everyone was super excited. It was visually a very good start to the campaign, and it had one of the most beautiful moments of recent political memory. You’re watching this on CNN. CNN has to cover it, because this is the news, and within six minutes of the rally starting, you hear a chant begin, spontaneously, from the crowd that says “CNN sucks! CNN sucks!” You can hear it and then what do you think CNN does? They’ve got to cut away.

Wait, CNN! You’re telling me you interrupted all of your programming so that you could cover six minutes of the rally? I don’t know about that. Usually, you’d have to cover, I don’t know, 20 minutes, 30 minutes of the rally. But they start, almost from the beginning, they start chanting “CNN sucks.” Trump turns around and he’s got a grin on his face from ear to ear. Then within a minute of that happening, CNN cuts away. Also, show me the lie. What the crowd said is just objectively true.

It reminds you why people are really fired up. We’re fired up about all of these issues. We’re fired up about immigration we’re fired up about the economy we’re fired up about America. Keep loving America, loving the country, keeping the nation, keeping our sovereignty, making America great again. We love all of those things and we really hate being lied to.

It drives us crazy when these guys unzip their flies on CNN and then they tell us “it’s raining”, we hate that. When they tell us not to believe our lying eyes, we hate that. We don’t like them. They’re dishonest, they’re just dishonest people and they don’t like this country very much and they make that clear day after day and we’re sick of it. It was a great moment. Then President Trump gets to all the classic points of what this campaign is going to be about.

Donald Trump: With your help with your love and your devotion and with your drive, we are going to keep on working, we are going to keep on fighting, and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God. And together, we will make America wealthy again. We will make America strong again. We will make America safe again. AND WE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! THANK YOU, FLORIDA!

Knowles: It’s great. Obviously, all the classic points are very popular and it’s exactly the opposite of what the Democrats want to do. Joe Biden says the first thing he’s going to do is take away the tax cuts. Trump wants to make America wealthy, strong, safe, great. What do Democrats want to do? They want to make it less wealthy, and they want to take wealth away from you.

They want America to be less strong, not to project strength overseas. To reduce our military, and to reduce our military spending. They don’t care for America to be safe. They want totally open borders and they don’t want to deport any criminals and they want sanctuary cities for criminals who spit in the face of our laws and they don’t want America to be great. They don’t think America was ever great, to begin with. Andrew Cuomo, sitting governor of New York, he said during a speech “America was never that great, to begin with”. That’s what they believe. Trump is doing exactly the opposite.

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