In an op-ed published Thursday by The Daily Mail, former CNN host Piers Morgan made the case for why you can “forget the polls” because “rampaging Trump’s going to win easily in 2020 unless Democrat ostriches drag their heads out of the sand and wake up to reality.”

Noting that most of the polls “don’t look good for Donald Trump” in key states, and the news was bad enough that the Trump campaign recently felt compelled to fire some pollsters, Morgan says none of that matters. The reason was apparent in Orlando Tuesday.

“[W]hen Trump launched his 2020 campaign on Tuesday night in Orlando, Florida, I didn’t sense I was watching a guy who’s going to lose,” writes Morgan. “In fact, I got the complete opposite feeling. Trump exuded the confident all-conquering swagger of someone who defied all polls and logic last time, and fully intends to do so again.”

The campaign launch was “a virtuoso Trump rally performance,” he explains, “carried out with all the passion, energy, chutzpah and showmanship of another septuagenarian, Mick Jagger, strutting around a big stadium.” Trump “belted out all his greatest crowd-pleasing hits from The Wall and ‘Fake News’ media to the rigged system, special counsel Mueller’s ‘witch-hunt’ and ‘bogus’ Russia collusion,” and worked in some new material as well. And the crowd loved it.

The point, Morgan stresses, is that Trump looks like a man at the top of his political game and that wave he was riding in 2016 seems to be going strong. Part of the reason for his renewed vigor, suggests Morgan, is the conclusion of the Mueller report.

“It seemed as if the lifting of the toxic, draining Russia collusion and Mueller report millstone had not just reinvigorated him, but newly empowered him,” he writes. “I think the whole bitter experience – based on what turned out to be a falsehood that he colluded with Russia to fix the 2016 election – made him realize it’s pointless trying to persuade those who hate him to like him. Instead, he’s refocused on ensuring all those who like him vote him in again.”

And even though the polls haven’t looked great for Trump, Morgan argues, he won with only 46.1% of the national vote. “His current approval rating is around 45%,” he notes. “And as the New Yorker reminds us today, the day before the 2016 election, just 37.5% of American voters – according to Real Clear Politics poll average – had a ‘favorable’ opinion of Trump. So, either the polls were wrong or a lot of people voted for Trump despite not liking him.” Morgan points out that Trump’s favorability average over at Real Clear Politics is currently 43.8%, six points higher than back in 2016. (Read the full op-ed here.)

On his radio program Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh made a similar case for Trump’s reelection, emphasizing the significance of the turnout and enthusiasm in Orlando, the president’s record-breaking single-day fundraising effort (nearly $25 million in 24 hours), and recent polls showing a shift in voters’ views in some key battleground states, as highlighted by The Daily Wire:

The Firehouse-Optimus poll, conducted from June 11-13, shows Trump with a tremendous surge in Pennsylvania; Biden had an eight-point lead in March that has narrowed to a scant one-point lead. The Trump “base” in Pennsylvania has a huge lead over the Democratic “base.” Trump’s stands at 42%, dwarfing the Democrats’, which is at 24%. … Since March, Biden’s lead over Trump in Wisconsin has shrunk from 12 percentage points to six. The Trump “base” in Wisconsin, according to the poll, rests at 37%; the Democratic “base” stands at 32%. Trump’s approval rating has risen from 41% to 44% since March. In Michigan, where the Trump “base” is 39% and the Democratic base rests at 32%, Trump and Biden were tied in March; Biden now holds a slim three-point lead, leaving them in a statistical dead heat.

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