A heated discussion about Donald Trump and his supporters’ supposed “hatred” of all kinds of people, including “black people,” according to Joy Behar — Meghan McCain, daughter of the late-Sen. John McCain and the “sacrificial Republican” on the panel — snapped at Behar for mocking her, letting a “b*tch” slip out in the process. After a much-needed commercial break, the hosts attempted to clean up the mess of the previous segment.

The moment came during a discussion of Trump’s massive rally in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday that officially launched his 2020 campaign and inspired even CNN’s Chris Cuomo to admit that “size does matter” and ask a Democratic presidential candidate nervously, “Why don’t the Democrats pack stadiums the way this president does?

The hosts of “The View,” including the openly anti-Trump McCain, described the stadium-packing event as feeling like a flashback to 2016, replete with the famous refrain “Lock Her Up!” Like Cuomo, the hosts seemed troubled by the size and enthusiasm of the crowd and wrestled with explaining how Trump is able to keep his base so charged up. Behar, in particular, seemed to really struggle with the issue, insisting that the Democrats are going to be able to pack stadiums just like Trump.

When McCain weighed in, things got a little tense. When McCain framed the event in terms of “hate,” she and Behar quickly got into it.

“Don’t belittle the enthusiasm of the crowds. Don’t belittle the enthusiam,” said McCain. Saying she was trying to explain the passion to one of her producers, McCain said, “Sometimes, it’s not just that they love Trump so much, it’s that they hate the same things Trump hates, that’s what’s going on.”

Behar pounced on the chance to paint Trump’s supporters as racist, interjecting: “Who? Black people? And immigrants? Who do they hate?”

“No,” said McCain, clearly irked. “You know what, Joy? I really come here every day open-minded, just trying to explain it. And it’s not a fun job for me every day.”

“But who do they hate?” Behar asked again.

“I know you’re angry,” McCain continued. “I get that you’re angry that Trump’s president, like a lot of people are.”

“I’m angy about every single thing that he’s doing!” declared Behar.

“But I don’t think yelling at me is going to fix the problem, okay,” said McCain, a line that earned some applause. “I just said it was hard for me,” she said of watching family friend Sen. Lindsey Graham get behind the president. “I’m trying to explain why 2020 is not in the bag for you,” she added.

Whoopi intervened to try to calm things down, but when McCain noted that she has to be “the sacrificial Republican every day” on the show, Behar said mockingly, “Aww.”

“Oh, don’t feel bad for me, bitch, I’m paid to do this, OK?” snapped McCain. “Don’t feel bad for me.”

Fortunately for the show, a commercial break gave them a forced time out. When they returned, McCain and Behar stressed to the audience that they “get along backstage” and call each other “b*tch” all the time.

“Joy and I call each other ‘bitch’ all the time,” said McCain, HuffPost notes. “I know this is a big shock: We get along backstage!” Saying they’re both “pugilistic,” Behar added, “I don’t care if you call me a b*tch.” The name-calling, McCain said is a good sign because “women can debate on TV in a spirited way without it being personal.”

Video below via HuffPost (relevant exchange begins around the 3-minute mark):

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