As homelessness skyrockets in Los Angeles, with a reported 36,000 homeless people roaming around the city, a burgeoning movement is calling for the removal of Mayor Eric Garcetti.

A letter of intent was delivered to Garcetti that termed Los Angeles a death camp for the homeless and calling for Garcetti’s removal. One of the leaders in the effort to remove Garcetti, Alexandra Datig, stated, “We don’t want any more excuses from this mayor. We want him to step down. We want him gone and we want leadership that is going to take care of this city. This city has become a death camp for the homeless,” as NBC News reported. The group targeting Garcetti created a petition calling for his removal from office. For the petition to remove Garcetti from office to successfully trigger a recall election, it would need 300,000 signatures from registered voters.

Datig also created, which offers information on homelessness.

As WRAL reported this week, “Figures released earlier this month showed a 16% jump in Los Angeles’ homeless population over the last year, pegging it at 36,300 — the size of a small city. That’s no surprise to anyone who lives or works downtown, where tents crowd sidewalks within sight of City Hall and the stench of urine fills the air.”

Datig said the homeless crisis has become “a state of emergency.” As The Los Angeles Times noted, Datig said on Wednesday, “He can’t handle the crisis. He needs to step down.”

Curbed Los Angeles reported earlier this month, “In the city of Los Angeles, the increase is even more dramatic—the population grew 16 percent since last year. LAHSA calculates that 36,300 people are now experiencing homelessness within city limits.”

The Times added, “ … voters in 2016 approved Proposition HHH, a $1.2-billion bond to build 10,000 of units of housing for homeless people, but no units have opened.” The Times noted of the recall effort targeting Garcetti that efforts to force out former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and City Councilman Mike Bonin failed, but admitted that in 2018, voters forced Southern California state Sen. Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) from office.

On Wednesday, Datig appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” telling Carlson, “I think we are living in third world conditions that are a threat to public health here in Los Angeles, and we have a mayor who is completely ignorant of that and he is an abysmal failure. … We have this position in the city of Los Angeles where our leaders seem to think that it’s okay to leave people on the street to die, just whistling past the graveyard. We have had over 3600 people dying on the streets of Los Angeles in the past five years.”

Datig added, “The Los Angeles Times reported there is a $57 million a year program just to get toilets on the streets. We are dealing with environmental crimes, the type that are illegal in the state of California, you can’t allow fecal matter to go down the storm drains. It’s been happening for the past six years, it’s illegal to do that. We need to have people committed to state hospitals under conservatorship and people need to be taken off the streets, we need health screenings, these people are dying in our streets, they are vulnerable to diseases because of their immune systems … there is no prevention, no treatment, there is no interdiction. There is no incarceration.”

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