This week, as LifeNews reported, a heartbreaking video went viral on social media. It shows a man screaming in agony as he pleads for his child’s life outside of an abortion clinic. The man is seen standing by the doors of the facility weeping and begging the mother not to “kill our baby.”

As LifeNews notes, John Ryan, a pro-life activist, originally posted the footage of the incident which reportedly took place at the ironically named “Hope Clinic For Women” in Granite City, Illinois. Here’s Ryan’s description:

Fathers Day weekend nightmare. This father is kneeling at the doors of this abortion mill crying out hysterically for the life of his child. His name is Tyler. Mothers name is Abby. Please pray for him. He said Abby has been abused in her life and one of those involved in the abuse, her stepmother, is the one that brought her here to kill their child. He said she has three other children at home including a 4 1/2-year-old who is very much aware that mom is pregnant and looking forward to the birth of her sibling. He said they planned this baby. The baby at risk is 12 weeks old. In the attached videos you can hear this father crying out for his child’s life. It is heartbreaking. This is what a real father does when his child is in imminent danger

We may prefer to believe that something unique or rare is depicted here, but we kid ourselves. It may be uncommon to see this sort of drama play out so publicly, but behind closed doors many men have tried with equal desperation to save the lives of their unborn children. And, like the man in the video, many have found that their pleas fall on deaf ears. Unborn children are silent victims, but they are not the only ones. Men are often forced to watch helplessly as their offspring are taken in for execution.

The pro-abortion side would like us to think that all aborted children are “unwanted.” In truth, no victim of abortion has ever been unwanted. Millions of them have been wanted by at least one of their parents. And those who are not wanted by either parent are still wanted by the countless families who wait for months or years for the chance to adopt. “Unwanted baby” is an empty category in this country.

The pro-abortion side would also like us to think that abortion is a “women’s issue.” This video reveals the profound flaw in that slogan. Three people are directly impacted by every abortion: the mother, the father, and the child. The woman obviously plays a crucial role in her own pregnancy, but she is not the only actor on the stage. If she were, she wouldn’t be pregnant in the first place.

Pro-aborts know that their talking points shatter to pieces at the sight of a man crying out for his murdered child. That is why they have reacted so defensively, and callously, to the video. To survey the comments under the viral Twitter post and the original Facebook post is to stare right into the brutal and barbaric heart of abortion advocacy. Here is a quick sample of how pro-aborts have responded:

-Too bad, so sad. She’s not his f**king herb garden.

-He should get a goldfish instead, or find a girl that actually wants his kid.

-Well this is some controlling behavior.

-If he wants a baby, he can find a willing partner to gestate one. He does not get to force this woman to give birth because he wants a baby

-It’s a man trying impose his will on a woman regarding the fetus in HER body. We don’t know what kind of person he is. Is he going to stick around for the next 18 years? Is he abusive? A good provider? Lots of single moms get the “you shoulda picked better” stima when dads fail.

-Uh it’s not up to him? Lol

-does anyone actually cares about that woman’s life? if she doesn’t want a baby she doesn’t want -one, no woman has the obligation to have a child bc her partner wants one, a baby must be desired by both parts.

-Here’s a thought, maybe he shouldn’t have gotten a woman who didn’t want a baby pregnant

-A great solution would be to make a child with a woman that actually consent to that I guess

-Dude should just buy a fleshlight next time then

-funny as sh*t. get over yourself it’s not your body. you want another kid? go adopt or find a surrogate. women aren’t f**king incubators

-Honestly he looks manipulative at the Max

-Guarantee you in a few years the same dude would be bitching about child support if she kept it

-Get the f**k over yourself dude. She already has kids. She clearly can’t handle more. That’s just how life works sometimes. It’s not fun, it’s not fair, but that’s just how it goes.

That’s a small sampling, not including the many mocking memes and GIFs. And I didn’t have to go digging or cherrypicking to find these. The majority of comments seem to be in this vein. A man is devastated over the loss of his child, and this is how the pro-abortion side reacts.

As I have said many times, abortion advocacy takes a toll on your soul. You simply cannot be a loving and compassionate person while also supporting the mass slaughter of human beings. You may first wander into the “pro-choice” camp as a misguided yet basically decent person, but you cannot maintain that decency for very long if you stay there. You are forced to choose: abortion or your soul. The people in these comments, like so many other pro-aborts, have made their choice.

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