Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg was slammed on Sunday during a town hall event in South Bend, Indiana, where he is mayor, over his handling of a recent shooting that involved a white police officer and a black man.

The controversy surrounding the issue stems from Sgt. Ryan O’Neill’s body camera, which did not record the deadly shooting.

Fox News reported that O’Neill “was responding to a report of a suspicious person breaking into cars when investigators said he fired one shot that hit Logan and another that missed after Logan threatened him with a knife. The investigators said O’Neill’s body camera wasn’t automatically activated because he was driving slowly without emergency lights while looking through an apartment building parking lot.”

Shouting repeatedly erupted during the town hall, which lasted for over an hour and a half, and Buttigieg was widely criticized for his demeanor and his seeming inability to handle the situation.

During one exchange, an audience member shouted at Buttigieg: “You gotta get back to South Carolina like you was yesterday?”


Other video clips that emerged from the town hall showed the audience at times appearing to get out of hand.


During another intense moment, audience members shouted at Buttigieg: “‘Look at the man who’s talking to you, Peter!’ ‘Stop Lying! Stop lying!’ ‘It’s not a joke, Pete!’ ‘Answer The Question!'”


All of this serves as a backdrop to a disastrous moment Buttigieg had on Friday while meeting with members of the black community in South Bend. CNN’s Keith Boykin noted the following exchange between Buttigieg and a protester at the event:

Mayor Pete Buttigieg: “I do not have evidence that there has been discipline for racist behavior…”

Protester: “You running for president and you expect black people to vote for you?”

Buttigieg: “I’m not asking for your vote.”

Protester: “You ain’t gonna get it either.”


The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti noted on Sunday that Buttigieg was slammed on Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press” over the fact that the police force in South Bend has become less diverse under Buttigieg. “The panel was especially concerned that Buttigieg, as a candidate, can’t survive a campaign that will look at his ‘actual record,’ as opposed to the way Buttigieg has presented himself on television,” wrote Zanotti. “One or two panelists even made the point that Buttigieg seems out of his depth, and may have had a worse week than former Vice President Joe Biden, who is in hot water after speaking well of former colleagues who were open segregationists.”

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