A home invasion suspect squared off with a female Army veteran at her home in Texas on Sunday.

It didn’t end well for the suspect.

What are the details?

The incident took place at the unnamed army vet’s Killeen, Texas, home on Sunday.

The woman — who served in the U.S. Army for nine years — was at home when she heard unidentified sounds coming from her garage.

“I loaded my handgun,” she told KWTX-TV. “I sat here and waited.”

The noises were apparently coming from the suspect, who was reportedly attempting to remove a window in order to gain access to her garage.

As the suspect crept into the home, the vet said that she immediately saw him because of the ambient light coming from his cell phone.

She immediately fired off a shot from her handgun — which struck the suspect and sent the intruder screaming and running.

She wasn’t done there, though. She said that she followed the man through her house, and fired a second time. She missed, but was able to pin him down before he escaped.

“This is someone’s child, someone’s son, who took the wrong direction somewhere to try me,” she said. “But he got the right house because hopefully, he learned a lesson.”

The suspect has yet to be apprehended, but local authorities continue to investigate the matter.

The woman said that the intruder was without a shirt, and wearing gray sweatpants. The male is described as being approximately 5-foot-6 and around 135 pounds.

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