President Donald Trump was confronted by reporters about the horrific photograph of a migrant man and his child who drowned at the border, but he fired back by blaming Democrats.

“Does the photo of the drowned immigrants cause you to rethink any of your policy?” asked a reporter as the president answered questions from the media.

“Well that’s like I’ve been saying, if they fixed the laws you wouldn’t have that,” the president responded. “People are coming up, they are running through the Rio Grande, it can be a very rough river of sorts. There are times when going across the Rio Grande is very very dangerous depending on the time of year and the conditions, and the rapidity of the water.

“And we know that, and we have many many guards there, but people go through the guards, if we had the right laws that the Democrats are not letting us have, those people wouldn’t be coming up, they wouldn’t be trying,” he added.

“We’re building the wall, it’s under construction, a lot of it is under construction, we’ll have over 400 miles next year by the end of the year,” he explained. “But it’s very important, they can change it very easily so that people don’t come up and people won’t get killed.”

Several figures in the media and some politicians have directly blamed Trump administration policies for the terrible death of the migrant and his young daughter.

Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke tweeted a photo of the deceased migrants and added, “Trump is responsible for these deaths.”

Trump went on to say that the migrant man was “probably was this wonderful guy” and that if Democrats had helped Republicans pass immigration laws, the deaths could be prevented.

Here’s the video of the president’s comments:

President Donald Trump: ‘If We Had The Right Laws,’ Migrant Dad, Girl Might Be Alive | NBC News

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