A woman shared a photo of a homeless McDonald’s employee sleeping in one of the fast food restaurant’s booths, but instead of shaming the man, the community rallied around him to help out.

What did the woman say about the picture?

The unnamed woman took a photo of Simon Childs, a homeless McDonald’s worker, as he slept in one of the booths in between shifts.

According to WSB-TV, the woman shared a Facebook post that read, “Just another reason for me to leave Fayetteville. I was in the McDonald’s in the middle of town and I saw this guy sleeping in the booth, I go tell an employee that someone is asleep in their booth and her response was ‘Oh yeah, we know hee hee, it’s okay,’ and I said ‘Not really, but whatever.'”

Childs told WSB that it “hurt” to see his picture all over social media.

“I thought it was something negative and nobody would care about it,” he added. Except it wasn’t anything negative, as far as many people in the community were concerned, and flooded the Fayetteville restaurant with donations for Childs.

Childs, a 21-year-old single father who recently lost his own mother, admitted that he’d been “going through a hard time” since his mother’s passing.

“Everything I do,” he insisted, “I want to work for it.”

What have people done for Childs so far?

In addition to sending donations to the restaurant for Childs, owners of a nearby restaurant offered to help Childs find a more lucrative employment opportunity by permitting him to use their vehicle to get to job interviews.

Other people who saw the viral post offered up donations through social media. Others have paid for hotel rooms for Childs, as well as clothing for him and his child, and donated personal items for the little family, such as diapers.

“I didn’t think the community would even care enough to do that, but they care,” Childs said.

Despite the woman’s apparent aversion to his predicament, Childs doesn’t hold it against her.

“I’m not homeless,” he told WSB. “Not now, thanks to her.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to benefit Childs. At the time of this writing, the page has received more than $2,000 in donations.

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