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Light dawns on marble heads …

All of a sudden? … You may remember that in 2018 when conservatives were saying that there is a crisis at the southern border that the media and CNN in particular scoffed at the notion. CNN media critic and cheerleader Brian Stelter called what was happening at the border in April 2018 a “manufactured crisis.” Now that a horrible photo of a dead child and parent has made the rounds, Stelter and his colleague Don Lemon are screaming about a crisis.

Welcome to the club, gents.

Tuesday, in his nightly email, Stelter highlighted a CNN story about the photo. That story used the words “crisis at the border” that Stelter himself scoffed at over a year ago. Of course, despite the crisis being in effect for most of this decade, Stelter laid the blame at President Trump’s feet.

Lemon and Chris Cuomo discussed the crisis during their nightly switch-off and Lemon excoriated Republicans who disagreed with his view of the border crisis. That most of the people aren’t illegal – even if they are crossing illegally.

As Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz noted in January 2018, this crisis is the result of policies of multiple administrations and multiple Congresses. Including those led by Sen. Chuck Schumer who took to the floor Wednesday to seize on this photo.

This crisis didn’t start under the presidency of Donald Trump. This crisis has been brewing for a long time and hundreds of people have been dying trying to cross the border for decades. It is a decades-long tragedy and not something to score political points over.

CNN’s talent should be ashamed of themselves.

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