After progressive Wayfair employees organized a walkout to protest the e-commerce company selling furniture to migrant detention centers at the United States’ southern border, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) boosted the cause using her massive Twitter platform.

“Wayfair workers couldn’t stomach they were making beds to cage children,” the elected Democrat posted on Tuesday. “They asked the company to stop. CEO said no. Tomorrow, they‘re walking out. This is what solidarity looks like — a reminder that everyday people have real power, as long as we’re brave enough to use it.”

The tweet went viral, garnering over 182,000 likes.

But while it’s odd in the first place for anyone to protest a company selling beds for migrant children to sleep in (Do they want them to go without beds?), the group Wayfair is selling the bedroom furniture to is a Baptist charity first commissioned by President Barack Obama to help aid migrants at our border.

CNBC reported Tuesday that Wayfair “sold the mattresses on June 13 to a charity group that works as a federal contractor managing some of the camps along the southern border, according to a copy of the sales receipt obtained by CNBC and verified by an employee. The roughly 1,600 mattresses and 100 bunk beds are scheduled to arrive in Carrizo Springs, Texas, on Wednesday and Thursday, according to the receipt.”

The group was confirmed as a nonprofit charity Baptist Child and Family Services (BCFS), according to the outlet.

In 2014, Time magazine reported on then-President Obama’s relationship with the head of the Baptist charity and his administration’s work to partner with the group to care for migrant children at our southern border:

In the late afternoon of July 9, [2014,] Air Force One touched down at Love Field in Dallas. President Barack Obama ducked into a private room at the airport for a discussion about the crisis of undocumented children crossing the southwest border. … Kevin Dinnin is the CEO of a faith-based, nonprofit organization called BCFS, formerly known as Baptist Child and Family Services. This obscure charity has emerged as one of the biggest players in the federal government’s response to the influx of more than 57,000 unaccompanied children who have trudged across the southern border so far this year. It runs two of the largest facilities for temporarily housing immigrant children, as well as six permanent shelters in California and Texas. Since December, BCFS has received more than $280 million in federal grants to operate these shelters, according to government records. On July 7, two days before Dinnin met Obama in Dallas, the Department of Health and Human Services awarded BCFS $190,707,505 in a single grant.

Oddly enough, progressives did not join together in “solidarity” against companies selling goods to charities helping with the crisis under the Obama years.

This double standard has become pretty standard with the Left. When right-wing sites ran stories on treatment of migrants during the Obama years, the outrage was notably lacking on the Left while the mainstream media did their best to give the administration cover. Last summer, for example, liberals expressed outrage at the Trump administration after photos of migrants at the border surfaced online. But the images were from 2014, when Obama was president. Business Insider reported:

The images, which the Associated Press first published in 2014, resurfaced recently for reasons that remain unclear, and quickly prompted viral outrage on Twitter. One particularly disturbing image showed two children sleeping on mattresses on the floor inside what appeared to be a cage.

A number of prominent liberals — and even a former Obama administration official — shared the photos, mistakenly believing they depicted the Trump administration’s treatment of immigrant children who were forcibly separated from their parents.

Funny how that works.

Moreover, as reported by The Daily Wire on Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, rejected a bipartisan border bill that overwhelmingly passed the Senate. According to CBS News, the bill included “$2.88 billion for Health and Human Services to provide safe shelter and care for children in custody.”

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