CNN’s liberal contributor Van Jones said that the second Democratic debates were a bad night for Democrats, and especially for the frontrunner, former Vice President Joe Biden.

“We’re now sitting here with the Democratic frontrunner having a spokesperson trying to defend his comments on busing in 2019,” Jones said in a dispirited tone.

“This is not good,” he said.

“Last night i was happy happy happy because I said I am so proud to be a Democrat, everybody is doing so great,” he explained. “If you had told me three hours ago that we would be sitting here trying to figure out how the Congressional Black Caucus can keep supporting Joe Biden, I would have said, ‘on what planet is that,’ but that’s the planet that we’re on.

“Listen, these debates matter. These debates matter,” Jones continued.

“I’m,” he stammered, “I’m, I’m hurt!

“I love Joe Biden! I think a lot of people love Joe Biden. Joe Biden stayed by [former president] Barack Obama. And defended him and made his case to people who didn’t want to listen to him. And that’s who Joe Biden is to us,” he said.

“There’s something else going on,” Jones added.

“Maybe he already thinks he’s woke, he’s already there, he doesn’t have to keep learning and growing, we all have to keep learning and growing, on women’s issues, on racial issues, on immigration issues, that’s the whole point of the country, we try to become a more perfect union together,” he continued.

“And we need Joe to lead us there, not be drug there. This is a bad night for Joe Biden, this is a bad night for Democrats,” he concluded.

Jones went on to say that although the debates were bad for Democrats, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) had a good night.

Here’s the video of Jones’ comments:

CNN’s Van Jones On Biden’s Debate Performance: “I’m Hurt,” It Was “A Bad Night For Democrats”

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