One of the first polls to be released after the Democratic debates has very bad news for the presidential campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden, the current frontrunner.

The Morning Consult/FiveThirtyEight poll found that support for Biden had fallen by a precipitous 10 percentage points among likely Democratic voters.

41.5 percent of likely Democratic voters said they supported Biden’s campaign before the debate, but only 31.5 percent said they supported him after the debate.

The lively debate saw Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) attack Biden for comments he made about school busing. While he defended himself, many pundits saw the exchange as a victory for Harris, and a failure on Biden’s part.

Harris saw a 9 point increase in support from Democrat voters, from 7.9 percent before the debate to 16.9 percent after the debate.

The other Democratic candidates saw minimal changes in support from the poll.

That means that although support for Biden plummeted and most of it went to Harris, she still has half of the support that he has garnered.

CNN’s Van Jones said in a dispirited commentary that the debate was a “bad night” for Democrats and also for Biden.

“Maybe he already thinks he’s woke, he’s already there, he doesn’t have to keep learning and growing, we all have to keep learning and growing, on women’s issues, on racial issues, on immigration issues, that’s the whole point of the country, we try to become a more perfect union together,” Jones said to the CNN panel.

“And we need Joe to lead us there, not be drug there,” he concluded.

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