Donald Trump didn’t have a great week last week. Incoherent on Iran. Hesitant on immigration. It is just the sort of weakness that voters hate in a leader in general, regardless of party and regardless of issue.

It’s also just the sort of weakness voters have historically shown to believe indicates that a president deserves to lose re-election. Unless….

Enter the strange lady/Trump accuser named E. Jean Carroll who appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper soap opera to talk about how rape is viewed by most people as “sexy” and “fantasy.” Yeah, that happened. Nice journalisming, Anderson. Especially the part where you scampered off to a commercial break when the woke talking points got away from you.

This is the game of “who can grown-up the least” that will dominate this cycle of presidential politics to our never-ending shame. And while there is only one of Trump, the E. Jean Carroll’s of the world are sadly legion.

Her uncomfortable unraveling of decency and sanity in 15-minutes-of-fame sound-bite form is exactly what progressivism always is. It seeks to deconstruct, not progress. Just like it never sought tolerance, only tyranny.

And in so doing, it even manages to somehow normalize a man as broken as Trump.

Now multiply that by more than 20 Democrat presidential candidates and two back-to-back debates this week to kick off the pagan food fight, for who will take on Trump. The debates were an absolute disgrace to reason, science and ethics of any kind as, oh how fittingly, a sort of survival of the unfittest kicks in to make its claim on reality itself. Check your gender at the door and bend the knee to the chaos!

Next to that, a man like Trump — who always works better with a foil to riff off of — can end up looking like the designated driver in a room full of drunken pledges during rush week.

Sure, that driver has more than a few moving violations on his record, and on some days can’t tell his left from his right, but I’ll take my chances with than rather than Lil’ Miss Jello Shots.

Other recent examples from the progressive catalog of nonsense include the NBA deciding that the term “owner” is racist and replacing it, displaying no historical self-awareness whatsoever, with the term “governor.” Or the online knitting community that somehow views its place in the world as a tool for shunning anybody resembling a Trump supporter, no matter how groovy their afghan skills may be.

If this descent into the mouth of madness continues — and Leftists aren’t exactly known for their restraint — you’ll see Americans in 2020 make the same choice they made in 2016. Better to ride it out with a narcissist who at least loves an American way that made him filthy rich, then Marxists who view everyday Americans as filthy animals. Better to take your chances Trump lands on the reality space on the game board every few dice rolls, then a political party at war with reality.

For if your political party brings to Congress antisemites who married their brother, and the most pathetic excuse for a man I’ve seen in public office in my lifetime (looking at you Eric Swalwell), your reality bites.

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