Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has criticised Channel 4 for a “comedy” programme that depicts the assassination of an “anti-immigrant” politician named “Neil Fromage”.

The character, whose name is an obvious spoof of Mr Farage’s, appears in Year of the Rabbit — a “comedy” set in the Victorian era — with “Neil Fromage” being shot in the head whilst giving a speech on immigration.

Speaking to the Star on Sunday, Mr Farage called the murder scene “totally sick and frankly irresponsible”.

“I think with Channel 4 we have reached a point where they are so partisan politically in everything they do that they now consistently go beyond what’s acceptable,” he added.

Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney also condemned the sketch, telling the Express: “In the interest of political and editorial balance, I look forward to Channel 4’s characterisation of Jeremy Corblimey – a militant Communist who is ritually drowned in a vat of muesli while singing the Red Flag.

“Which won’t ever happen, as only those from the ‘right’ are considered fair game by liberal comics.”

Channel 4 claimed that Year of the Rabbit is “purposefully outrageous”, telling The Guardian: “…in this context it is clear to viewers that the actions of these characters – be they grave robbers, murderous historical preservation enthusiasts or serial killer politicians – are preposterous and not to be taken seriously.”

The sketch making light of the assassination of a right-wing politician comes weeks after British comedienne Jo Brand joked on the BBC that it would be more effective to throw battery acid at Nigel Farage than milkshakes, after pro-Brexit European Parliament candidates were assaulted with the dessert drink whilst on the EU elections campaign trail in May.

The Brexit Party leader pressed charges after his own “milkshakeing” and Paul Crowther, 32, was convicted of common assault and fined, but spared a custodial sentence — unlike a Brexit supporter who egged Mr Corbyn, who was imprisoned.

While some leftists and Remainers have claimed that throwing a milkshake at a politician is neither assault nor political violence, concerns have been raised at how acceptance and normalisation of “minor” assaults on politicians can facilitate the escalation of violence, with Breitbart News Network’s James Delingpole recalling how assault against Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn began with a cake filled with vomit and excrement and ended with “a bullet in the head from a left-wing environmental activist”.

Mr Farage expressed concern over the escalation of assault and the effect that would have on the democratic process, telling American conservative activist Candace Owens that such attacks stop politicians from campaigning and speaking to voters.

“I’m slightly concerned that if you start to push the barriers of what’s acceptable behaviour, goodness only knows what comes next,” Mr Farage said on The Candace Owens Show on Sunday.

Explaining why he chose to press charges, the politician said: “If this becomes the norm, then candidates whatever [their] political persuasion will find it increasingly difficult to go out into the street to hold meetings to meet people.”

“Milkshakeing” has become a tactic used by the violent, far-left Antifa group in the U.S., with Breitbart News reporting last week that it formed part of an assault on journalist Andy Ngo whilst he was covering a protest in Portland, Oregon.

Mr Ngo was attacked and hospitalised with a number of injuries including a torn earlobe and other injuries to his face and neck. The Quillette editor also said that he had been hit with a milkshake.

Portland’s police department later released a statement saying that it had received information that some of the milkshakes thrown during the violent protests had contained “quick-drying cement”, which can cause chemical burns when in contact with the skin.

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