The Democratic Party has become, in the year 2019, a deeply destructive political force. The Party, as presently comprised, is a ragtag potpourri of anti-nation-state/pro-open-borders activists, devoted prenatal infanticide cultists, neo-Marxist economic “class warfare” grievance-mongers, and identity politics-centric racial identitarian hucksters. This is a Party for whom a leading presidential candidate — in both 2016 and 2020 — is a Fidel Castro-praising actual communist who literally honeymooned in the former Soviet Union and flew a hammer-and-sickle Soviet flag in his Vermont mayoral office at a time when the U.S. was engaged in an existential “mutually assured destruction” standoff with the Kremlin.

In short, the modern Democratic Party is not a healthy political vehicle. It is afflicted with the most pernicious of all political maladies — a seething sense of self-hatred. It is exceedingly difficult to ponder the core tenets of Founding-era American political theory — separation of powers, federalism, a carefully delineated nation-state, a durable and constitutionally secured rule of law, religious liberty, and flourishing intermediary institutions of the civil society — and conclude that the modern Democratic Party has a relationship with the United States of America itself that can be characterized as anything other than haughty self-abnegation.

Indeed, the two Democratic presidential candidate debates last week were revealing.

The 2020 Democrats categorically refuse to identify a single limitation on abortion that they could support. They speak about the need to even protect abortion for “trans females” — which would be biological men who subjectively feel as if they are women. The 2020 Democrats do not bother to explain how exactly it is that a “trans female” — a member of the human species with both X and Y chromosomes — could procure an abortion, which can probably be easily explained by the fact that there is no such thing as a pregnancy for a “trans female.”

The 2020 Democrats, furthermore, held an actual, legitimate debate on whether it is appropriate to eradicate private health insurance in America. We have apparently moved on so far from the debate over the inclusion of a “public option” in Obamacare that the relevant leftist policy debate is now not about the inclusion of a “public option,” but is instead about the exclusion of a “private option” in the Democrats’ post-Obamacare “Medicare for All” socialized medicine dystopia. Because nothing could possibly go wrong with socialized medicine. And nothing could really go wrong with not only the imposition of single-payer socialized medicine, but the outright abolition of private health insurers.

The 2020 Democrats are completely clueless on the issue of foreign policy and America’s role in the world. In fact, if foreign policy had a role in the two debates last week beyond one or two rapid-fire, down-the-line questions, I believe I missed it. The word “Israel” certainly was not mentioned — as is befitting for a political party that is not just trending toward being seriously anti-Israel, but also toward being seriously anti-Semitic. The Democrats offer little more than platitudinous sound bites praising transnationalism and excoriating the post-1648 Westphalian nation-state system — exactly the opposite of how foreign policy in the 21st century ought to be conducted.

But perhaps on no issue were the 2020 Democrats more utterly radical than on the issue of immigration. The Democratic presidential candidates fell all over themselves to see who could position him/herself as the most authentic guardian of socialized medicine health insurance coverage for the country’s ever-burgeoning illegal alien population. Because amidst a hitherto unprecedented year-plus assault on America’s sovereignty by means of a systemic border crisis driven by murderous cartels and almost unanimously frivolous asylum claims, what the 2020 Democrats seem to care about the most is further incentivizing the profitable enterprise of cartel-driven human trafficking — and the brutal rapes that are inherent to those criminal trafficking rings — by offering the additional amnesty of “free,” taxpayer-subsidized health insurance for all illegals. It is a proposition that, only five years ago, would have been beyond parody. But now it is standard Democratic Party presidential campaign fare.

The Democratic Party is, at its core, a political outfit that despises all that makes America great. The Democrats despise borders, despise the distinction between citizen and alien, loathe constitutional self-governance, frown upon the church-attending “yokels” of Middle America, and seek to remodel America through the lens of an ever-supercilious, ever-secularist Europe. Political leftism, once ideologically dominated by a moral relativism that obfuscated lines between good and evil, is now nothing if not morally clear and bumptious about what it believes. It just happens that what modern Democrats believe is positively harrowing. This is an unserious political party that should never, ever be given the reins of power over the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Voters in 2020 will have an extraordinarily clear contrast presented to them at the ballot box. Hopefully they make the right decision.

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