On Monday, political commentator and Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles spoke with “Fox & Friends” about yet another eruption of violence from radical left-wing group Antifa at a demonstration in Portland, Oregon on Saturday that resulted in multiple arrests and independent journalist Andy Ngo, an openly gay right-leaning editor at Quillette, being brutally assaulted. Democratic politicians and most of the mainstream media have been glaringly silent in response, noted Knowles, leaving conservatives with the clear message: “Nobody is going to protect my rights.”

The “Fox & Friends” hosts introduced Knowles by playing the viral video of Ngo being brutalized by a pack of Antifa thugs. Ngo, the hosts revealed, is one of eight people, including some police officers, injured at the demonstration-turned-riot. In addition to the video showing Ngo being punched in the face and kicked, it also shows multiple Antifa “protesters” throwing “milkshakes” at him that police say may have been filled with quick-drying cement (video below).

Asked where are the cops, Knowles responded: “This is the question: Where are the cops and where are the politicians?”

“What we’re seeing happen at these Antifa rallies and this left-wing violence against conservatives is it’s not just that the media and the politicians are being silent; in some cases they’re actually encouraging this,” said Knowles. “You had Carlos Maza from Vox.com, he tweeted out, he said, ‘Milkshake them all.’ That’s the process of throwing milkshakes at conservatives. Some of those milkshakes apparently contained quick-drying cement — that’s throwing a brick at somebody. After this happened, another blue check-marked leftist on Twitter, Sarah Gayley, said, ‘If we can’t throw milkshakes, I guess we’ll have to go back to throwing bricks.'”

“The politicians in Portland: Where was the mayor? Where were the cops?” asked Knowles. “Even in Washington, D.C., you have left-wing politicians like [Democratic Rep.] Maxine Waters actually encouraging violence against conservatives. You have corporate America doing the same thing; Burger King was joking about milkshaking conservaitves.”

“All of this leads to a culture where conservatives look at this video, and they say, ‘Nobody is going to protect my rights.’ And it sends the message that if you don’t shut up, you might be next,” Knowles stressed.

“Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization,” he added. “And ironically, the name is supposed to stand for ‘anti-fascist,’ but they actually behave like fascists. They’re violent … anti-democratic, they’re authoritarian. They even wear the uniforms of fascists, they wear black shirts.”

If you go on social media right now and you back Antifa, there will be no consequences, Knowles argued, “But if you tweet out some basic biological fact — you say ‘men are not women,’ you agree with some conservative cause — you will be banned, you will be censored. This is a major double standard here, and leftists terrorists like Antifa completely get off the hook.”

After noting that the mayor of Oregon hasn’t decried the actions of the Antifa thugs, the hosts asked Knowles about his own experiences being targeted by Antifa recently at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Knowles noted that in his case he was not hurt, unlike Ngo, but said that when he sees violence like this he is only more emboldened to keep expressing his conservative perspectives.

WATCH (video via Fox News):

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