Independent journalist Andy Ngo recounted to Fox News host Tucker Carlson the brutal beating he suffered over the weekend in Portland, Oregon, at the hands of Antifa — a violent leftist group that purports to battle fascists in the streets but has repeatedly attacked conservatives and others with whom they disagree politically.

Video caught Antifa members beating up Ngo — punching him, kicking him, throwing objects at him, and even dousing him with milkshakes laced with quick-dry cement, NewsBusters said — after which he was hospitalized. Ngo told Carlson a CT scan showed he suffered a brain hemorrhage.

What happened?

Ngo — who edits for Quillette — said during Monday night’s interview that he was documenting the Antifa demonstration and was “a literal stone’s throw away from Portland’s most important institutions of the rule law: the courthouses, the sheriff’s office, the central police precinct.”

Then Ngo, who was called out by Antifa prior to its demonstration, told Carlson he was “suddenly bashed on the back of my head,” but “when I realized what was happening, it was too late. A mob of people all dressed in black and wearing masks started beating me with their fists. And some of them use objects to hit me.”

Ngo added to the Fox News host that his GoPro camera was stolen.

“And when I thought it was over, I was wrong,” he continued during his Fox News interview. “I put my arms up to try to shield my face as well, as to signal to them that I was surrendering, and that I wasn’t there to fight. But it really signaled to them to be more aggressive, so then they started dumping what I believe were milkshakes and eggs, throwing it at my face, which blinded me so I couldn’t see.”

After being “kicked some more” and “punched some more,” Ngo told Carlson that one question confounded him.

‘Where are the police?’

“All this time I kept thinking, ‘Where are the police?’ I could still see the Multnomah County Justice Center in front of me, but no police ever arrived,” he told Fox News. “I eventually stumbled away bleeding across the park, and I lost my balance. So I sat down on the ground in front of the courthouse, and from there a medic SWAT team informed me that in order to get in an ambulance to be taken to a hospital I would have to walk to the police precinct — in other words, walk back in the direction of the demonstrators who just attacked me.”

Speaking of the police (and the mayor)

Ngo’s attorney Harmeet Dhillon tweeted that a police officer told his client that cops “didn’t want to ‘incite’ the Antifa mob by doing their jobs to protect citizens. Whose order was that?”

“[Portland] Mayor is denying that there was a stand-down order, but see the video and judge for yourself,” Dhillon added.

But Wheeler denied the accusation and even told Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to “get your facts straight” after Cruz accused Wheeler of ordering Portland cops to let Antifa attack citizens in the streets.

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