MSNBC conspiracy theorist Joy Reid said on Tuesday that she believes that President Donald Trump is trying to send a “threat” to “his fellow Americans” by having a July 4th celebration that will feature tanks and military aircraft.

Reid’s comments came after Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning: “Big 4th of July in D.C. ‘Salute to America.’ The Pentagon & our great Military Leaders are thrilled to be doing this & showing to the American people, among other things, the strongest and most advanced Military anywhere in the World. Incredible Flyovers & biggest ever Fireworks!”

“He sort of aspires to be sort of a mini-Putin or Kim Jong-Un,” Reid said in a clip first reported on by the Free Beacon. “He wants to have that kind of absolute power.”

“What is the message Donald Trump is trying to send by rolling tanks down Constitution Avenue?” Reid continued. “Who is that message to? It’s certainly not to tyrants because he likes tyrants, he loves tyrants. It’s not to Putin, it’s not to Kim Jong-Un, not to the Saudis. Is it to our friends, to Western democracies who he doesn’t particularly like, or is it to us? Is it to the resistance in this country?”

“I got tanks. I have this military armada. The message is a threat, but it’s always a threat when you roll out your military,” Reid concluded. “But it’s to whom is the threat, and I suspect that the threat is to his fellow Americans. And I hate to say that, but I think that Donald Trump styles himself a tyrant, not a defeater of tyrants.”


USA Today reports that the ‘Salute to America’ will include “flyovers of the Blue Angels and Air Force One, a lineup of military vehicles including tanks, and a pyrotechnic display that will illuminate ‘over a mile of sky above and to the left and right of the Lincoln Memorial,’ according to fireworks makers Phantom and Grucci which is donating extra pyrotechnics.”

Trump added on Twitter: “Thanks to ‘Phantom Fireworks’ and ‘Fireworks by Grucci’ for their generosity in donating the biggest fireworks show Washington D.C. has ever seen. CEO’s Bruce Zoldan and Phil Grucci are helping to make this the greatest 4th of July celebration in our Nations history!”

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