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Nine-year-old Brady Snakovsky from Strongsville, Ohio dreams of being a police officer one day. When he was 8-years-old, he was watching “Live PD” – a modern version of “Cops” – and noticed that while the officers wore for bulletproof vests, the K9 officers were not.

Snakovsky asked his mother if they could purchase the dog its own bulletproof vest, but soon learned each one cost upwards of $1,200. Undeterred, Snakovsky and his mother, Leah Tornabene, created a GoFundMe page to raise money to buy a single vest. The fundraiser went viral, and was noticed by the company that makes the vests, Line of Fire Defence Systems out of Canada. The company donated a vest to help Snakovsky, according to The Strongsville Post.

That was last year. Since then, Snakovsky and his mother have raised more than $87,000 to purchase vests for K9 officers. The latest update on the fundraiser, from a month ago, says Snakovsky has provided 85 vests for K9 officers so far and has a waiting list of 57 police officers asking for a vest for their four-legged partners.

Snakovsky and his mother also started Brady’s K9 Fund to help his cause, which includes a page showcasing the K9 officers who have received vests and where they serve.

Snakovsky told the Post last year that part of the reason he respects police is because his stepfather is an officer.

“Not a lot of K-9s can get the vests because they are pretty expensive. There are a lot of bad people that want to hurt them. I love K-9 officers. My stepdad, he’s a police officer,” Snakovsky told the outlet. His mother says the third-grader has asked his stepfather to become a K9 officer.

Snakovsky also told the outlet that he already knows what he wants to name his eventual K9 partner.

“I have a K-9 name picked out … Heavy. I think it’s funny,” he said.

Emails sent to Brady’s K9 Fund were unanswered as of press time.

His mother, of course, is proud of Snakovsky’s efforts.

“He’s very caring especially for his police officers here locally,” she told the Post. “It just makes me feel good that he does want to give back and he supports those helping out in our community. There’s nothing better than helping out those that help us. I’m happy to see him reach his goals, and I hope that he’s able to help the Strongsville Department in the future because they are his favorite.”

The outlet also quoted Strongsville Police Chief Mark Fender’s support of the boy’s efforts.

“His eagerness and passion to raise funds for the purchase of a K-9 bulletproof vest is a gesture to be recognized. Brady’s parents must be proud. Even though we have no immediate need for a K-9 vest this year, we are hopeful to acquire a third dog in 2019 and outfit the K-9 addition with the help of young Brady,” he said.

Because the vests cost so much, Snakovsky and his mother said they work directly with the manufacturer to receive the Law Enforcement cost.

“Their technology offers a vest that is lightweight and helps regulate body heat keeping the K9 cool. It provides ballistic and edged weapon protection for vital organs all while allowing complete freedom of movement. These vests allow the K9 to wear it throughout their entire shift and through training days so they can focus on what they do best,” the family wrote on the GoFundMe page.

Snakovsky added that he hopes to provide as many vests as he can to K9 officers and that one day they will all have one.

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