On Tuesday night, after Nike had canceled an American flag-themed shoe, triggering Arizona governor Doug Ducey to withdraw financial incentives for Nike to open a manufacturing facility in Arizona, California governor Gavin Newsom tweeted that Nike was “doing the right thing” and represented “the best of our American values.”

Newsom’s comment “we’re just a quick jaunt over the border…” was a response to Ducey’s decision to withdraw financial incentives for Nike to open a manufacturing facility in Goodyear, Arizona. Ducey had tweeted:

Words cannot express my disappointment at this terrible decision. I am embarrassed for Nike. Nike is an iconic American brand and American company. This country, our system of government and free enterprise have allowed them to prosper and flourish. Instead of celebrating American history the week of our nation’s independence, Nike has apparently decided that Betsy Ross is unworthy, and has bowed to the current onslaught of political correctness and historical revisionism. It is a shameful retreat for the company. American businesses should be proud of our country’s history, not abandoning it.

Nike has made its decision, and now we’re making ours. I’ve ordered the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars under their discretion that the State was providing for the company to locate here. Arizona’s economy is doing just fine without Nike. We don’t need to suck up to companies that consciously denigrate our nation’s history. And finally, it shouldn’t take a controversy over a shoe for our kids to know who Betsy Ross is. A founding mother. Her story should be taught in all American schools. In the meantime, it’s worth googling her.

As The Daily Wire has reported, “According to The Wall Street Journal, Nike was forced to pull an American flag-themed shoe called the ‘Betsy Ross’ from production after NFL quarterback-turned-political activist Colin Kaepernick, who inked a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal with Nike last year, complained. Kaepernick reportedly told the company that he found the very idea of the shoe ‘offensive.’ ‘The sneaker giant created the Air Max 1 USA in celebration of the July Fourth holiday, and it was slated to go on sale this week. The heel of the shoe featured a U.S. flag with 13 white stars in a circle, a design created during the American Revolution and commonly referred to as the Betsy Ross flag,’ WSJ reports.”

After the Trump administration banned U.S. embassies from flying the Rainbow Pride Flag outside the embassies on the official flagpole with the American flag, Newsom responded by flying the Rainbow Pride flag along with the U.S. flag and the state of California flag over the state capitol in Sacramento from June 17 through the end of June.

Newsom’s take that Nike represents “the best of American values” stands in stark opposition to senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Josh Hawley of Missouri, who blasted Nike on Twitter. Cruz wrote, “It’s a good thing @Nike only wants to sell sneakers to people who hate the American flag…. @NFL #HappyFourth.”

Hawley snapped, “Nike is a symbol of everything wrong with the corporate economy. They take advantage of our laws but send jobs overseas for sweatshop wages, partner w repressive regimes, aggressively avoid paying any US taxes, and then tell Americans to shut up and buy their stuff. Nike should apologize to Americans for denigrating the flag. They should apologize to Missourians who lost loved ones defending the flag. And they should restart production of the Betsy Ross shoe at their facility in St Charles, MO.”

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