No longer content to sing about “Trump’s nuts roasting on an open fire,” 1990s pop singer Fiona Apple has pledged to donate two years’ worth of royalties from her most successful song, “Criminal,” to help migrants detained at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Fiona Apple is donating the 2019 and 2020 earnings from TV and movie placements of her song ‘Criminal’ to the While They Wait fund, which assists refugees with basic necessities, immigration fees and legal services,” reports Rolling Stone.

In a statement on Tumblr, the singer, who has almost made a second career out of being an anti-Trump activist, expressed horror about how the country has treated refugees at the southern border and vowed to pay for some of their legal fees.

“After months and months of reading the news about how my country is treating refugees, I’ve become gutted with frustration trying to figure out the best way to help,” Apple said. “It seems to me that the best way I can help detainees is to contribute to payment of their legal fees.”

According to Apple, her 1996 Grammy Award-winning single “Criminal” still remains her most successful song and is regularly requested for television and film spots. She also urged other artists to join her in this crusade by donating to While They Wait or any other organization.

“When they are separated from their children they need help navigating the system,” Apple said. “They need to be bailed out of prison. They need money to pay for the ankle bracelets they are forced to rent and wear while awaiting arraignment, for crying out loud.”

“I could write a song about this, and maybe I will, but for now, I will use ‘CRIMINAL’ to help the WRONGLY criminalized get justice,” she said.

Following Trump’s epic victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, Fiona Apple rose to prominence again when she released her own “pussyhat” rendition of the Nat King Cole classic. The lyrics rang out like a social justice warrior’s nightmare of a Trump Christmas:

“Trump’s nuts roasting on an open fire… As he keeps nipping at his foes… You cry creepy uncle every time he arrives… For he keeps clawing at our clothes,” Apple sang in the song before moving on to characterize Trump as a white supremacist Santa Claus intent on locking “black boys in hoodies on his sleigh.”

“Everybody knows some money and entitlement can help to make the season white … Mothers of color with their kids out of sight will find it hard to sleep at night,” she continued. “They know that Trump is on his way … He’s got black boys in hoodies locked up on his sleigh …”

The video concluded with Apple wishing “kids from 1 to 92” a Merry Christmas as she rips a photo of Donald Trump in half.

Following that stunt, she released another anti-Trump single for the women’s march — a chant about President Trump’s “tiny hands” grabbing women’s underpants. “We don’t want your tiny hands … Anywhere near our underpants,” the song repeated over and over.

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