Fans of Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show “Chelsea” will have to go digging to find the 66 past episodes that the streaming giant has now erased.

“Netflix quietly removed dozens of episodes of Chelsea Handler’s failed talk show, ‘Chelsea,’ from its archives back in 2017– an unusual move that nobody seemed to notice until a Tuesday New York Times story about widespread talk show issues for the streaming giant,” reports Fox News. “A Netflix spokesperson told the Times that it had removed 66 ‘Chelsea’ episodes in ‘the only instance of the company’s having scrubbed content that it owned and created,’ chalking the decision up to making it easier for viewers to catch up on more recent episodes.”

Exactly why Netflix chose to single out Chelsea Handler’s show for an episode scrub remains to be seen, especially since other talk shows on the streaming platform have cratered with the same amount of force. In fact, Netflix has had tremendous difficulty in creating talk shows, despite dominating in almost every other genre of television. The New York Times theorized that streaming may not be the right platform.

“In the last two years, Netflix has canceled three shows in the genre: ‘The Break With Michelle Wolf,’ ‘The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale’ and ‘Chelsea,'” the outlet reported. “Two other Netflix talk shows — ‘Norm Macdonald Has a Show’ and ‘The Fix,’ starring Jimmy Carr, D. L. Hughley and Katherine Ryan — haven’t generated much buzz.”

“Part of the problem may be that talk shows make for an awkward fit with streaming,” the report continued. “From Johnny Carson to Trevor Noah, talk show stars have bonded with audiences by riffing on current events. Netflix and other streaming services, on the other hand, have won over viewers mainly through binge-worthy programming that has no real expiration date.”

Tim Young, host of “The No Things Considered” podcast, told Fox News that Netflix may have deleted the “Chelsea” episodes out of fear that her brand of humor (not always politically correct) would be extremely offensive in a few years, so the streaming giant tried to nip the problem in the bud before further issues could arise.

“The far-left rules what is politically correct and what is allowed constantly shifts for them, to show just how woke they are,” Young said. “Handler pushed the envelope to be funny at times, and Netflix may just be trying to cover up her old material to be in line with how woke they want to portray themselves as.”

The New York Times claimed, however, that Netflix removed those episodes prior to the debut of its second season to provide “an easy way for viewers to catch up before the new episodes launched.”

None of that means that Chelsea Handler has finished with Netflix. Just last year, she told Buzzfeed News that she will be creating a new show for the streaming platform about the most important of subjects: white people.

“I intend for it to be very funny and I intend to hang myself out to dry,” she said of the show. “I’m a perfect example of the American dream, if you’re white and borderline pretty.”

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