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Pitiful in every sense of the word …

On Thursday, President Donald Trump celebrated America with a rousing nonpartisan speech in Washington, D.C. Before the speech even happened, the leftist media went out of its way to spin it negatively. Then after all of its collective scaremongering was disproven, CNN leaned forward into crazytown with its reaction to the speech.

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck sifted through the nearly half-hour of television to highlight the “worst parts.” The “Situation Room” panel included guest host Brianna Keilar, Obama administration official Adm. John Kirby, CNN’s Ryan Lizza, April Ryan, and more.

Every last one of them put on a master clinic of Trump Derangement Syndrome:

Keilar first gloated that “when you compare [the military] to say his approval ratings, which, I mean, there is a huge chasm between the two” and was followed up by former Obama administration official and retired Rear Admiral John Kirby.

Kirby blasted Trump’s harmless speech as “fairly eighth grade history” that “appropriat[ed]…military virtue for his own personal gain, so he’s wrapping himself around the flag and around these troops and these aircraft.”

CNN aired the rest of the speech, but afterward, the floodgates of stupid shattered into a million pieces. Kirby led by asserting that he’s “troubled about the militaristic tone of the whole thing” that was “fairly sepia toned, and saccharine in its depth and context” lacking anything “about where the country should be going, what we should be working on.”

It was a pathetic, sad display that fits in with the left’s new mantra that America isn’t great. These folks want Trump to fail because they want a failing America so that people will clamor for their destructive policies.

On Independence Day, Trump played them like a fiddle.

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