2020 Democratic nomination longshot Julian Castro has made a name for himself this election cycle by going as far to the extreme Left as humanly possible. After endorsing abortion rights for trans men at the Democratic Party presidential debate, the former mayor of San Antonio is doubling down on his position to decriminalize illegal immigration, a move that even front-runner Joe Biden has backed away from.

Speaking with HuffPost, Castro said that the United States should not only decriminalize illegal immigration but also have it no longer be a felony to reenter the country after already being deported.

“I’d like to see those being treated as a civil matter,” Castro told the outlet. “I don’t believe in criminalizing desperation.”

Even former officials in the Obama administration have criticized Castro for holding this view. Sarah Saldaña, the former Dallas-based U.S. attorney and director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told Dallas News called it a facile solution. “It annoys me to no end when these politicians start throwing out these facile solutions,” she said. “You have it on the books and either you exercise your prosecutorial discretion or not, but at least it’s a tool in your toolbox.”

Castro feels, however, that the Trump adminstration’s alleged mistreatment of illegal immigrants has led him to believe the government has too much power over their fates, even though the government has full discretion to protect the borders and process people who want to enter.

“The terrible way that this administration has treated people over the last two years has prompted many of us to thoroughly think through the best way to respond to a broken immigration system and to make sure that children and families are not treated the same way in the future,” Castro told HuffPost.

Castro’s call to decriminalize immigration echoes his statement this past April when he called for it to become a civil matter, not a criminal one. “The truth is, immigrants seeking refuge in our country aren’t a threat to national security. Migration shouldn’t be a criminal justice issue. It’s time to end this draconian policy and return to treating immigration as a civil — not a criminal — issue,” Castro said.

Speaking on CNN’s “New Day,” former Vice President Joe Biden even said that decriminalizing illegal crossings would be a bad idea. “I think people should have to get line. But if people are coming because they’re actually seeking asylum, they should have a chance to make their case.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has similarly called for a decriminalization of illegal entry into the United States and even told the Huffington Post that she agrees with Castro’s inarguably extreme position.

“I agree with Secretary Castro,” Warren told the outlet. “We should not be criminalizing mamas and babies trying to flee violence at home or trying to build a better future. We must pass comprehensive immigration reform that is in line with our values, creates a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants including our DREAMers, and protects our borders.”

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