A Canadian doctor who specializes in transgender “top surgery” is showing off his young patients online to promote his practice, causing alarm from social media users.

Dr. Hugh A. McLean’s practice, the McLean Clinic, generated attention when a tweet posted on Sunday highlighted the doctor’s younger patients.

“Some patients at this top surgery McLean clinic look incredibly young, I’d even say underage,” the user posted. “Our brains don’t fully form until 25, but teenagers are being allowed to get these life changing mutilating procedures and someone is getting very rich off them.”

Four photos of young patients from McLean’s Instagram account were screen-shotted and included in the tweet:

“Dr. McLean and Dr. McEvenue are cosmetic plastic surgeons specializing in transgender female to male top surgery,” the Instagram bio for the clinic reads.

Replies to the post were mostly from alarmed social media users. “Oh my heart hurts seeing this,” one comment said, while another woman wrote, “This is child abuse… I weep for humanity.” Other comments said: “Exploiting emotionally vulnerable children for money instead of sending them to a psychologist. What a world we live in,” and, simply, “This is horrifying.”

Other commenters claimed the surgery was fine since the youths in question presumably wanted the life-changing procedure. For example, one person said, “Frankly, you get absolutely no say in this. This is between us and our doctors.”

As previously noted by The Daily Wire, studies show that the rate of children who grow out of their sexual confusion about their identity by adulthood is upward of 80 percent. And scores of children who were allegedly victimized by the “transgender cult” have shared their tragic stories with the world, warning against mutilating “trans” children’s bodies.

“I am a real, live 22-year-old woman, with a scarred chest and a broken voice, and five o’clock shadow because I couldn’t face the idea of growing up to be a woman, that’s my reality,” Cari Stella, a de-transitioned blogger, shared. ”Gender was done to me, gender was traumatizing to me, I don’t want anything to do with it anymore. … It can be damn hard to figure out that the treatment you’re being told is to help you is actually making your mental health worse. Testosterone made me even more dissociated than I already was.”

In 2016, Time Magazine reported on a National Center for Transgender Equality survey that looked at the largest sampling of transgender people at the time. “The U.S. Transgender Survey found that a whopping 40 percent of trans people have attempted suicide, compared to just 4.6 percent of the general population. That is, a trans person is more than eight times more likely to try to kill themselves than a non-trans person,” The Daily Wire noted.

Here are some of the Instagram posts from the McLean Clinic:

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