In an article published by The Huffington Post, a divorcee who is a former native of San Francisco and has a nine-year-old daughter boasts of her job as a madam in New Zealand, writing that her daughter “knows I won’t be home until long after bedtime. That’s because I’m a pimp.”

Antonia Murphy informs readers that she owns afeminist escort agency,” called The Bach but protests, “This is not the career I expected to have. Having grown up in San Francisco, gone to private French school, taken piano lessons, I should probably be something ‘respectable,’ like a scientist or a teacher.”

Murphy writes, “When my daughter asks me what we do at The Bach, I explain it to her in words she can understand: ‘Ladies do dress-up and give kisses and cuddles to men and make lots of money.’”

And it’s a modest but classy operation too, Murphy points out:

First of all, The Bach is not the glamorous sex palace you might imagine. As it happens, I run the agency from a budget motel … in the end, the motel has worked well for us. It’s discreet for our clients and the rooms are all equipped with their own bathrooms.

Noting that six of the rooms at the motel are used by businessmen and families, Murphy writes of the two rooms used by her escort service: “The other two rooms have been completely redecorated: One has a summery, beachy feel (in New Zealand, a ‘bach’ is a summer cabin by the water) and the other is painted in shades of crimson and burnt umber with Japanese erotic wood prints on the walls. There are other touches, too, that you won’t find in your usual cheap motel room: fresh flowers, a bottle of warm coconut oil for massages, and a variety of condoms and lube.”

Murphy apparently has little pangs of guilt; she writes, “Grace gets another booking and heads up to see ‘Dodgy Dave,’ a handsome businessman from up north. This client makes me a little queasy. It’s not that he’s a security problem — he’s always scrupulously polite. But he spends an awful lot of money at The Bach. Over the years, he’s probably dropped $50,000 on escorts — and I know he’s married. Does his wife know about all the money he’s spending? Could he be putting his grandchildren through college instead?”

Murphy opines, “I wish there were more calls for kink and fetish bookings in our rural town …”

Commenting on one of her employees, who stated, “This job saved my a**,” Murphy concludes, “And I guess The Bach saved my a**, too. Employers don’t exactly come pounding on the door when you’re a divorced woman in her 40s who’s been out of the workforce for 10 years … So, why do I call The Bach a feminist escort agency? Because we support women’s sexual agency and right to consent. We give women the opportunity to earn good money with completely flexible hours … Call me an evil pimp if you want. Just make sure to use the f-word, too. Because that’s the part I’m most proud of.”

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