Sane Americans are all sick of hearing about women’s soccer, but apparently our national media isn’t.

Megan Rapinoe, the captain of the World Cup-champion U.S. women’s soccer team, has made headlines over the last few weeks merely by acting like an obnoxious leftist. From kneeling for the national anthem to using expletives in public regarding a potential visit to the White House to complaining about the mythical gender pay gap and even having the gall to purposely drop the American flag in the celebration of the team’s win on Sunday, Rapinoe has become the newest flavor of the week for the Left.

And the media love all of it.

Take, for example, CNN’s Anderson Cooper having Rapinoe on his show this week. Cooper asked her what her message to President Trump would be if she could give him one. Rapinoe answered:

“Your message is excluding people. You’re excluding me. You’re excluding people that look like me. You’re excluding people of color. You’re excluding, maybe, Americans that maybe support you. We need to have a reckoning about your message of ‘Make America Great Again,’ I think you’re harking back to an era that wasn’t great for everyone …”

This accusation is facially ridiculous. Donald Trump has arguably been the most pro-gay President in American history — and the first to actually start his presidency with the stance of supporting gay marriage. But Rapinoe, who happens to be a lesbian, needs a straw man to blame for her imaginary victimhood — even as she is now possibly the most famous soccer player in the world.

Rapinoe also made the rounds on MSNBC. Leftist host Rachel Maddow asked Rapinoe how fans could support the fight for equal pay, and Rapinoe answered that people should “come to games, buy jerseys, become season ticket holders, tell your friends about it” — thereby seeming to answer her own question as to why men’s soccer and other men’s sports make more money in the first place.

Rapinoe is clearly the Left’s new hero. But in the end, Rapinoe is irrelevant. She’s just another leftist celebrity. But the obsession with her points to a much larger problem, especially with the media.

These Leftist hosts could’ve chosen to have anyone on their shows. They could’ve booked a patriotic athlete, even as a counterpoint to Rapinoe if they still wanted to also have her on. But, unsurprisingly, these media companies want these anti-American celebrities on the air, with as much exposure as possible, because they agree with these celebrities about the country and about the president who serves as its commander-in-chief.

This has been obvious all throughout the Trump era. The media accuse our country of running concentration camps on the southern border, slanders the president as a Russian collaborator, and consistently lambasts conservatives and pro-American patriots as racist, sexist, bigoted fill-in-the-blank-aphobes.

How else can one explain the media’s reaction to an anodyne national Independence Day celebration other than that the criticism very likely sprouts from hatred for the country itself?

How else can one explain the media’s constant fawning over former President Barack Obama when he declared as a candidate that he wanted to “fundamentally transform” the country?

Because they in the media, too, want the country transformed. They are radical leftists who despise what America stands for. They despise our Founding creed and our Founding documents. After all, our Founding Fathers were racist slaveholders, right?

There is a serious anti-American problem in our media. The mainstream media-at-large has become a de facto wing of the radical Left. And until that changes, they will remain, in the words of President Trump, “the enemy of the people.”

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