British activist and citizen journalist Tommy Robinson was found guilty of contempt on Thursday and given a second prison sentence for broadcasting on social media the identities of defendants accused of sexually exploiting young girls in 2018.

Robinson, who has previously been convicted of multiple felonies (including fraud-related crimes), has asked President Donald Trump for political asylum in the United States over fears his life is in danger from both the child-sex gangs and the British government.

‘I am begging America to see this, that my life is in danger from both these gangs and my own government,” Robinson told “The Wilkow Majority” host Andrew Wilkow during an interview Wednesday.

Andrew joined Glenn Beck on Thursday’s radio show to share takeaways from the Robinson interview.

“The story that he told us was, ever since speaking out about these gangs of men who have given over to the belief that non-Muslims are the kafir, they are the non-believers, they are the infidels, and they have begun to take liberties with young women, mostly in small towns,” Andrew said.

“What he has said is that it is not just the threats coming from the gangs. It is the fact he is making these judges and police officials look really bad,” he added. “One of the questions I had for him was, when these sexual assaults occur — as we read about them in Germany since the migrant crisis has been plaguing Europe for quite some time — has any member of government or upper echelon of the police department had their daughters subjected to this? And he said, ‘No. It is almost as if they know to target lower working class.’ This is something being done to working class British citizens with the government kind of looking the other way.”

Andrew said the men in the sexual exploitation case got “sweetheart deals” and by broadcasting the case on Facebook Live, Robinson may have “embarrassed” the judge.

“So, now the fear is not the death threats he [Robinson] is getting from these gangs, which he says he was informed that six of them were on their way to his house to murder him at one point,” Andrew continued. “[Robinson] said, ‘I generally believe my government wants me to go away, that I am the problem with the politically correct society that we have built in Europe.’ He said, ‘I am begging America to see this, that my life is in danger from both these gangs and my own government at this point’.”

“He is dead if he goes to prison,” Glenn surmised.

Catch more of the conversation in the video below:

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