Tom Cruise worked in concert with the Church of Scientology to convince his two children to hate their mother Nicole Kidman, alleges a former high-ranking Scientologist who left the church after being a member for 22 years.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Sam Domingo, whom the outlet describes as formerly attaining a status “considered royalty within the church,” revealed her experience working with Tom Cruise at the International Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles.

“The 51-year-old socialized and studied with Cruise’s family,” the outlet said of Domingo. “Her children would run around with his kids, Connor and Isabella, and she was especially close to his three sisters, Cass Mapother, Marian Henry and Lee Ann DeVette.”

Now that she has left the church, Domingo says she wants to set the record straight regarding Tom Cruise and his two adopted children, Isabella and Connor.

“In March, Isabella was featured in a Scientology promo in London thanking the Church and her father for finding a ‘missing piece’ of herself,” the report continued. “This has compelled Domingo to open up on Isabella and brother Connor’s lives, which dramatically changed after Nicole Kidman split from the Top Gun actor in 2001, and the alleged indoctrination of hatred towards her began.”

Allegedly, both Isabella and Connor Cruise were regular kids who Domingo would often see playing at the Scientology Celebrity Centre, where she worked as a supervisor. When Cruise and Kidman divorced, however, things took a turn for the worse and the kids were allegedly indoctrinated to hate their own mother — whom the church deemed a “suppressive person.”

“The children lived an isolated ‘boot camp’ experience, away from the other kids, under the watchful eye of Scientology No 2 and enforcer Marty Rathbun – who has since has left the Church – as they were led into believing their mother should be ex-communicated and regarded a ‘Suppressive Person,'” reported the Daily Mail.

Domingo said that Cruise’s kids had essentially “no choice” in the matter and were isolated until they were fully integrated into the Scientology program.

“I know what techniques they used … I know what the second-in-command at the time, Marty Rathbun did … he was so tough on them, the Cruise kids had no choice,” said Domingo. “After the divorce, they were indoctrinated into Scientology and very much isolated.”

“The whole Cruise family got ordered back to L.A. when he divorced Nicole, as they were studying in Florida at the time,” she continued. “I was shocked they were leaving, I said to Cass [Cruise’s sister]: ‘Why are you leaving, you’re doing the courses, nothing gets in the way of that?’ She didn’t say anything.”

According to Domingo, the Church of Scientology allegedly worked to indoctrinate all of the Cruise family, including the actor’s mother and sisters, into the fold.

“[The church was] in it 100 percent, there was no wavering,” Domingo continued. “You can’t be anti-Scientology if you’re part of Tom’s family, you will be disconnected — look at his daughter Suri.”

Notably, the Church of Scientology has denied all of Domingo’s claims.

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