On Thursday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show,” Knowles discusses President Donald Trump’s social media summit and why it is an important moment for Conservatives. Video and partial transcript below:

What is the Social Media Summit? Trump invited his most ardent social media supporters to the White House to discuss censorship. So CNN, now that they have to report on this, has been describing them as right-wing extremists. They say the White House is in chaos as the right-wing extremists descend! So, who was invited?

The head of the Students for Trump. A Twitter account named “Carpe Donktum”, which describes itself as “the eternally sarcastic meme-smith specializing in the creation of memes to support President Donald J. Trump.” Also, the talk show host Bill Mitchell, who is a huge Trump supporter. His Twitter banner is just like a glowing, golden picture of Donald Trump. These are not far-right people. He’s not inviting white nationalists, neo-Nazis and all the regular gang that the mainstream media scaremongers with. He is, however, inviting eccentric people. I mean one of the guy’s names is “Carpe Donktum.” That’s pretty eccentric.

This sends the right message. The message that this is sending is that the White House is not going to back down on this. So, he’s threatening saying there will be consequences. What will the consequences be? I don’t know, and he probably doesn’t know. But he’s saying there will be. He then holds the summit, which in itself shows that they’re taking this seriously. Then, crucially, he’s not just inviting the buttoned-up people.

He’s not just inviting the ones who have bow ties on and who are really super-serious and have a lot of law degrees. He’s inviting these hard-core pro-Trump social media accounts. With names like Carpe Donktum. He’s saying we’re not going to give an inch. We’re not going to apologize at all. It sends an important message going into 2020.

So, what is the message that Trump is sending here into 2020? The previous GOP strategy. This is like BT. We’re dividing time between BT and AT, the Year of Our Trump. In BT, in “before-Trump” time, the GOP would have experienced all this censorship. Would have experienced all of this slander and all of these smears and they would’ve stayed quiet — don’t dignify it with a response, don’t acknowledge the eccentric figures in our ranks. People who give themselves names like Carpe Donktum and who post memes all over Twitter — no, we just wear bow ties and go to really fancy lunches in Washington. That was the old way. I love George W. Bush, but George W. Bush did not know how to handle the media. Same thing with Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney had no idea how to handle the media and still doesn’t. Trump doubles down.

He doesn’t just double down and say I defend this person; I defend their right to free speech. He doubles down about how good looking he is. He invites Carpe Donktum to the White House. This shows boldness. It’s not just words. It’s not just paying lip service to giving everyone a fair shot. He is actually exhibiting that boldness himself. We talk about this all the time. The best defense is a good offense. This has always been the case.

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