Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden smirked during a campaign stop when he was confronted by left-wing activists on Friday and asked to apologize for the deportations of three million illegal aliens during the Obama administration.

A man speaking through a translator told Biden: “When Obama was president my brother was detained and deported. I have a three-month-old daughter and two months ago in May, I was detained and put into deportation proceedings.”

“I want you to apologize to the three million immigrants that were deported and separated from their families under the Obama years,” the man demanded.

Biden stopped and smirked at the cameras.

“I want to know if you will commit to stopping all deportations and detentions if you are elected president,” the man demanded.

“No,” Biden fired back. “I will not halt deportations and detentions, I would make sure that every single–”

Biden was cut off by the translator who pressed Biden to apologize for the three million illegal aliens that the Obama administration deported.

“No,” Biden shot back.

Leftist activists that were present erupted and demanded in chants that Biden “apologize now.”

Biden later caved and said that he would only deport those who committed felonies, but not misdemeanors. Biden continued by saying “there is no need to put anybody in a private prison,” suggesting that he doesn’t support detaining those who illegally enter the U.S.

Biden also caved on the request for an apology, saying that he would “apologize for deportations if in fact you were deported because in fact you were engaged in a misdemeanor.”

During the first Democratic presidential debate that he participated in, Biden indicated that he would give free health care to illegal aliens paid for by American taxpayers.


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