In a new video released by pro-life group Live Action, the popular pro-abortion talking point concerning conception-by-rape is challenged by two women; one who was conceived in rape and kept by her mother, and another who was victimized by rape, conceived a child, and chose life.

The Live Action video focuses in on how conception-by-rape does not make unborn children any less human than children conceived otherwise, and explores how abortion can compound the horror of rape, as opposed to “healing” a woman.

“My own mother was a victim of rape,” says Stephanie Reynolds at the top of the Live Action video. “And she chose life. My life.”

“When someone says that children conceived in rape should be aborted, they are talking about me,” continues Reynolds. “My mother saw that my life was not worth less than anyone else’s simply because of the way I was conceived, and that I should not be put to death for the crimes of my father.”

“Abortion does nothing to give the woman the healing that she needs and deserves. Abortion doesn’t erase the rape, or undo the violence that the woman has suffered. Instead, abortion subjects this woman, and now her child, to yet another act of violence that also cannot be erased or undone,” the woman argues, adding that abortion is “actually an obstacle to healing after rape.”

The video then shifts focus to Jennifer Christie, who gave rousing congressional testimony in March of last year concerning Iowa’s so-called “Heartbeat Bill.” Christie was tragically raped during a business trip; the rape resulted in the conception of a child, whom she chose to have despite calls for her to abort in order to “heal.”

“Four years ago, I was brutally attacked in a hotel room – beaten, tortured, and raped – my body thrown in a stairwell. I’m not here tonight to represent crime victims. I’m here tonight to represent the 32,000 women a year who become pregnant after rape, and the 75% of us who give our children life,” Christie started, The Daily Wire reported.

Those “conceived in rape” are “targeted it seems for eradication,” she said. “This doesn’t make sense to me because the Supreme Court has already decided that for a rapist to be punished with death is considered cruel and unusual punishment, and yet somehow, somehow we are okay with killing the children who are not even in existence at the time the crime was committed.”

Christie recalled being told, “If you just abort, everything will be okay, and you’ll forget,” and, “If you just abort, then you can move on.”

“There is no forgetting,” she argued. “No woman is ever going to forget what happened to her. I’ve been told so many times that if you just had an abortion, you won’t always have this reminder hanging over your head, this reminder. Is my son a reminder? Absolutely. My son is a reminder everyday that as women, we can rise above our circumstances. My son is a reminder that love is always stronger than hate, and that who we are as human beings is not determined by how we were conceived.”

A woman who is raped, she added, “does not need violence on top of violence, tragedy on top of tragedy.”

“Do not use me and my rape and my story – and the story of all of us, mothers from rape who love our children, as a banner to hide behind and excuse a genocide of the innocent. We love our children,” Christie implored.


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