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On Saturday, an Antifa member was killed by police after he tried to attack an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility armed with a rifle and incendiary devices. As TheBlaze’s Caleb Howe explained, the incident received widespread coverage in the local Seattle newspaper. As you can guess, it received barely any coverage in the national mainstream media.

The main article about this on CNN, dated Saturday, doesn’t mention the man’s name or his Antifa connections. The Seattle Times has named the man in its coverage. CNN also says the motivation for the attack is not known, but Antifa media rallied around him, and journalist Andy Ngo published footage of the man at an Antifa rally in 2018.

NewsBusters reports that NBC and CBS completely ignored the incident in their newscasts on Saturday and that ABC covered it lightly.

This is understandable, because in the wake of ever-increasing violence from Antifa groups, members of the mainstream media have held fast in their support for the radical, violent leftists. When Ngo was attacked a few weeks ago, I wrote that “Antifa-loving journalists have blood on their keyboards.”

While the media is focused on President Trump’s latest tweets, violent activists are rising up in this country. They’re letting that slide. They’re only telling you one side of a story.

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