Actress and activist Alyssa Milano will attend her first 2020 Democratic primary fundraiser soon, and she’s chosen an unconventional candidate to start with.

Milano will attend a fundraiser for Marianne Williamson, the author who gained significant name recognition during the first Democratic debate for her eccentric answers to questions.

In her tweet announcing that she would attend Williamson’s fundraiser, Milano appeared to acknowledge that her choice may be viewed as strange by some observers.

“I’m going to my first fundraiser of the election cycle and it’s for-@marwilliamson,” Milano wrote. “I know. I know. But she’s the only candidate talking about the collective, soulful ache of the nation & I think that’s an important discussion to have.

“And as I’ve said before, I’m not committing to anyone yet. I’m going to support everyone if given the opportunity until the choice is crystal clear,” Milano wrote in a follow up post.

Williamson, while not a legitimate contender for the nomination, has become something of a fan favorite across party lines for her bizarre debate answers, and her deep archive of unusual tweets.

Williamson’s methods have been unconventional, even before she announced she was running for president. During her “Love America” tour last year, Williamson reportedly had white audience members stand up, hold hands with nearby black audience members, and apologize to them for slavery and racism.

Here’s a highlight reel of everything Williamson said during the first Democratic primary debate, which, strange as some of her comments were, they sometimes made as much or more sense as some of her colleagues on stage.

Everything Marianne Williamson Said During the Democratic Debate | NBC New York

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