On Monday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show,” Klavan discusses President Trump’s recent tweet storm targeting ‘progressive’ Democrats and how the Left will take advantage of the president’s brashness. Video and partial transcript below:

The genius of political correctness is that it takes principles of common decency and transforms them into instruments of mental tyranny. All people of goodwill should turn their backs on racism, but when racism is defined as the rejection of oppressive leftist policies, the word simply becomes an instrument of political control and censorship. People of goodwill should want women to be treated decently and politely, of course, but when that principle morphs into the blithering idiocy of believing all women, unless they’re accusing a Democrat, we know we’re just being played.

When you transform common decency into leftist power politics, only the indecent jerks will be able to fight back. Hence our current jerk-in-Chief Donald Trump, who has become a hero to many non-jerks, by being a big enough jerk to break the mental chains of political correctness and fight back against the Left. Now here’s the thing about being a jerk: Short-term, it’s a great strategy. If you treat women badly, you’ll get more sex. I’m sorry but that’s just true, you will. Screw your friends and you’ll thrive in business. Bully people who disagree with you and they’ll probably back down. In truth, short term, there’s only one good reason not to be a jerk — and that is that you’re a jerk, which is a miserable thing to be.

Over time, being a jerk has its drawbacks, not 100% of the time but often, if you’re a jerk, you get to sleep with a lot of women — but not the women who are worth sleeping with. You may thrive by cheating and bullying, but when you stop thriving and you need a friend, you’re out of luck. When being a jerk becomes a habit, it gets easier and easier to wander across the line into criminality. A lot of once successful jerks end up behind bars.

President Trump’s tweet telling freshman congresswomen, “the Squad”, to go back where they came from was a jerk tweet. It wasn’t racist, Trump’s not a racist and that’s not what he meant. He was probably thinking of Ilhan Omar, who is an ungrateful, America-hating, Jew-hating immigrant who deserves all the harsh words you can sling at her and should go back to Somalia. But AOC, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley are American-born idiots and telling them to go back where they came from is ugly street talk beneath anybody who’s not a jerk. Now, whenever Trump is a jerk, the “NeverTrump-ers” clutch their pearls: “Oh how awful he is!” And the “pro Trump-ers” beat their chests and say “Yeah! So what?” We know where these guys stand.

Here’s the problem: The Democrats are now a radical anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-capitalist party, and it would be a tragedy for our country if we lost the next election to them. So ask yourself the question, when Trump behaves like a jerk, is there one person anywhere who didn’t vote for him last time who says, “You know I didn’t vote for him last time, but now that I see what a tremendous jerk he is, sign me up.” No, of course not. He pleases his base with jerkiness, but he doesn’t expand his base and he’s going to need to expand it in order to win. We need him to win, because as big a jerk as Trump his, he’s an amateur compared to the opposition.

You know the old saying, “When your enemies are killing each, other don’t interrupt?” I mean, this is the problem, this week we were having a great time. The Left was absolutely coming apart at the seams. Nancy Pelosi went to the Squad, gathered the caucus together, and she told them to knock it off and to stop picking on everybody, and the moderates, who make up most of the Democratic Party — or at least most of the Democrat Congress — they were with her. She had them with her and she was trying to shut these women up and then AOC in the Squad said, “Well, she’s just picking on women of color.” And AOC’s chief of staff, that idiot’s psychotic shocker … basically accused the moderates of being segregationists and signing onto segregation. Rahm Emanuel is reported to have called Chakrabarti a snot-nosed punk, so these guys are not making friends within the Democratic Party.

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