As reported by The Daily Wire on Tuesday, Marvel star Chris Pratt was outrageously criticized by some on the Left as a “white supremacist” for wearing a pro-America t-shirt. The shirt Pratt was photographed in, as seen below, is basically a version of the Revolution-era Gadsden flag and has no ties to race, making the attacks absurd.

But it gets worse. The T-shirt is apparently from a pro-veteran nonprofit called the Brain Treatment Foundation, an organization Pratt has publicly supported in the past.

On Facebook, Brain Treatment Foundation posted a photo of Pratt in the T-shirt and said that they were “honored” by the support.

“We are honored to work with the silent warriors who sacrifice greatly so that others may live free, who defend our freedom, who live with honor and by the word of God. These warriors hunt evil to protect our peace, while those who disparage their sacrifices and our nation from behind a computer screen, pretend it doesn’t exist,” the organization said. “We are proud of the American flag and all symbols that represent the freedom brave men and women have shed blood for since the inception of our great country.”

Nicole Fisher, who is on the board of the nonprofit, similarly posted to Twitter: “We are honored to work with the silent warriors who sacrifice greatly so that others may live. [Brain Treatment Foundation] is there for any #veteran suffering the consequences of war. And we’re honored Chris supports [Brain Treatment Foundation]. #SupportChrisPratt.”

In another tweet, Fisher suggested her organization was receiving hate mail over the controversy.

“Woke up to > 5,000 notes today informing me I’m a white supremacist,” she wrote. “How’s your day going so far?”

The Daily Wire reached out to Fisher for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Inez Stepman of The Federalist was one of the first people to connect the shirt to the charity. “How black does your soul have to be to see a shirt on a celeb & hate-swarm a veterans’ brain injury charity because their T has a patriotic flag?” she wrote in a tweet on Wednesday. “Yeah, that Gadsen flag tee Chris Pratt was wearing is for an awesome nonprofit.”

“Support their good work here,” she added, linking to Brain Treatment Foundation.

According to Brain Treatment Foundation’s website, the organization “is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support for brain health initiatives relating to treatment, rehabilitation, research and public education. The organization seeks to transform the lives of individuals suffering from the effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury or Concussion, children with mild to severe cognitive or neurological disorders, the elderly population dealing with physical and cognitive function decline and members of the military diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress or a Traumatic Brain Injury.”

“The goal of Brain Treatment Foundation is to partner with treatment providers and other organizations to restore hope and provide support for people suffering from brain related health issues and their families,” the site adds. “Through treatment, rehabilitation, research, and public education, Brain Treatment Foundation seeks to become an active agent of change in the world of brain health.”

In January, Brain Treatment Foundation thanked Mr. Pratt via Instagram for his support.

“Thank you [Chris Pratt] for sporting your [Brain Treatment Foundation]. We love your new [Chevrolet] & hope the move went well!! Thank you for all of your continued support. We so lucky to have you in the #[Brain Treatment Foundation] family!!!”

In the video, Pratt is wearing a hat from the nonprofit.

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