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Different strokes for different folks …

The mainstream media routinely paint conservative pro-Second Amendment groups as right-wing radicals. But groups who support their agenda are lauded. Case in point, in the CNN show “United Shades of America” on May 5, 2019, the network promoted the “John Brown Gun Club,” a leftist militia affiliated with the man who attacked an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility in Tacoma, Washington, over the weekend.

Fox News highlighted the connection on Monday. Independent journalist Andy Ngo noted that you can clearly see Willem van Spronsen, the Antifa member who attacked the facility, at around 4 seconds in the video.

In the short clip, the narrator says:

These white people are the Redneck Revolt. Now they aren’t a bunch of rednecks revolting against equality like I first thought. They’re actually rednecks revolting against the rednecks (on-screen sign “Tacoma Against Nazis”) who are revolting against equality. I’ll explain.

The media often echo the Southern Poverty Law Center’s talking points that groups like the Oath Keepers are racists and extremists. But leftist militias? The media promotes them.

In this post, which I linked to on Monday, on the “insurgent” website It’s Going Down, you can clearly see van Spronsen in his “John Brown Gun Club” hat. The post glorifies the Antifa member “taking action.”

While the entirety of the media are focused on a series of tweets by the president at four anti-American legislators, they’re silent about the violent monster they’ve helped create.

Media all in on “racist” Trump …

The media continue unabated to paint President Donald Trump as a racist. The latest is, of course, a series of tweets in which Trump suggested that four progressive legislators leave the country if they don’t love it.

I wouldn’t have used that language, mainly not to give the media this opening. But the fact remains that these four congresswomen are radical and want to fundamentally change what America is.

In addition to being anti-American, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are vile anti-Semites. Omar has blamed America for a whole host of world problems and has even blamed America for terrorist attacks.

As a group of Republican women told CNN in a focus group Tuesday night, the president’s attacks aren’t because they are women of color. The president has attacked the vile nature of these women’s attacks on their fellow Americans.

It’s not that the media ignore these attacks against their fellow Americans’ way of life, it’s more that many in the media agree with these congresswomen. They themselves feel personally attacked by the president.

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