At a rally in Greenville, North Carolina Wednesday night, the charged up crowd broke into a chant of “Send her back!” during President Trump’s criticism of far-left Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s “history of launching vicious anti-Semitic screeds.” Trump has since disavowed the chant, saying he was “not happy with it” and “disagree[s] with it,” but not before a wave of criticism, including from some on the right.

Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the controversial chant on his radio program Thursday, offering an explanation of what he believes it really stands for. “Let me tell you something,” he told his audience. “This ‘send her back’ chant last night, there’s so much attached to this.”

Limbaugh began his discussion of the “send her back” moment by cuing up political commentator David Gergen on CNN declaring that “the Republicans are in an active slow self-destruction in supporting the president as much as they do, because in the long term, this could be suicidal.”

“Why is it not suicidal when Republicans get forcibly kicked out of, spat upon at restaurants?” asked Limbaugh. “Why is it not suicidal for the Democrats when Black Lives Matter advocates shooting cops? Why is it [not] suicidal for the Democrats when they defend Antifa? Most recent example in Oregon, Portland, Oregon, where the cops were ordered to stand aside while people were assaulted and businesses were destroyed. Why does none of that, why isn’t that ever said to be suicidal for the Democrats? Why does none of the stuff that makes ‘send her back’ pale in comparison, that pales in comparison to the actual activity, the assaults, the attacks, the damage done to businesses in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, why does the media never say, ‘Man, this is not good for the Democrats, that’s a suicidal move.'”

“Let me just say at the outset, I don’t want to send her back,” said Limbaugh. “I want her to stay here! And I don’t want her to be silenced. I want Ilhan Omar to continue speaking, because it is working. Trump is winning this.”

Rush then moved to his explanations for why Trump supporters got behind the chant: They’re “fed up” with being told what they can and cannot say by the Left and tired of seeing the Left tear down the country and conservatives with impunity.

“Do you think Trump supporters, Republicans all over this country are not fed up with millions of things, just a couple of which I just gave the examples of? Republicans are constantly told that if they react or say this or do that, it’s gonna be damaging. The Democrats and the media have these rules that we’re supposed to abide by, which basically force us to shut up,” he said.

“They force us to not react,” Rush continued. “They force us to not oppose them. They can do anything they want. They set the rules, and it’s justified. When they run around and attack Republicans, when they impugn Trump. Look at what Trump’s had to put up with for two and a half years ongoing. A silent coup, being called a traitor, said to have stolen the election. These things add up. It’s been a two and a half to three-year now solid assault on Donald Trump and his voters. And these assaults are coming from people who have made it clear they don’t like this country.”

The mounting frustration with the attacks on the country and the double standards, suggested Limbaugh, come out in moments like the rally.

“It’s very hard to stand aside and stand mute when you see the media supporting and amplifying and applauding this anti-American behavior over and over for years and years,” he said. “Then we find out who Ilhan Omar is and what she believes in. It makes perfect sense that the American people — and I think a majority — would not want this woman to succeed.”

“So I understand it. I understand human psychology, and I understand human emotion here,” he added. “And I understand the two sets of rules that we have. I understand the different sets of rules that basically permit the Democrats to do anything…”

After citing the Left’s repeated targeting of Christian businesses for deeply held religious beliefs on gay marriage as an example, Limbaugh said, “There’s no pushback, nobody says anything except somebody like Donald Trump will come along now and then and do so. But all the while the American people are fuming. All the while the American people are boiling and effervescing. They’re getting mad at it. The basic unfairness, the lack of application of fairness to things.”

The millions of Americans who “know that they are targeting us” and “taking political action against us,” said Rush, are tired of political leaders like “The Squad” who seem to have “big problems with this country as founded.”

“I don’t think ‘send her back’ is about one person or about one thing,” he said in summation. “I think it’s a culmination of many things resulting from a boiling over frustration. It is an overall expression of anger about the lack of enforcement of the morality and of the law and of the rules that preserve this country as founded.”

On Thursday, Trump addressed the chant, telling reporters he “disagree[s]” with the statement. “I felt a little bit badly about it,” said Trump, adding, “I was not happy with it, I disagree with it.”

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