The 2020 Democratic longshot Marianne Williamson demonstrated the “power of love” at a speaking rally where she asked white members of her audience to apologize to black people for slavery, lynching, and police brutality.

According to Fox News, the Houston Chronicle reported that the self-help guru told the people in her audience to hold hands with each other and apologize for past sins of racism.

“Marianne Williamson walked to the middle of the stage, paused for a second, then she asked all the black people to stand,” the Houston Chronicle said of Williamson. “She then instructed a white person to hold the hand of a black person standing … Williamson then told the white people to repeat after her. She began with, ‘I apologize … .'”

“Her focus was on racism and politics, claiming that until the United States addresses slavery honestly, gets deep about its enduring impact on African-Americans and makes amends, we will continue a cycle of hate and racism in this country,” the report continued.

At one point during Williamson’s talk, a black person stood up to say she was “struggling to deal with the hurt and hate in her heart for white people because of racism.” In response, Williamson said that white people are in denial about racism and want black people to just “get over it.”

Williamson’s words at the rally apparently echo a prayer she penned in 2016, titled “Prayer of Apology to African Americans,” which begs the Almighty to forgive us of past racism. Here’s just a small sample:

On behalf of myself, and on behalf of my country, to you and all African Americans, from the beginning of our nation’s history, in honor of your ancestors and for the sake of your children, please hear this from my heart…
I apologize,
please forgive us.

With this prayer I acknowledge the depth of evils that have been perpetrated against black people in America.
From slavery, to lynchings, to white supremacist laws, to the denial of voting rights, to all the ways both large and small, that abuses have occurred — all of them evil, all of them wrong.
For all the oppression and all the injustice…
I apologize,
please forgive us.

For the denial of human and civil rights, for inequities in criminal justice, for instances of police brutality, for the denial of opportunity, for economic injustice, for all ways that racism has fostered these wrongs…
I apologize,
please forgive us.

Marianne Williamson made a huge splash at the first Democratic Party presidential debate, where she vowed to harness the “power of love” to defeat Trump’s harnessing of the power of hate. Though much of the mainstream has dismissed her as a fringe candidate, some Democrats have argued she may be the perfect embodiment of a left-wing Trump: An ultra-feminine, media-savvy outsider who appeals to the wellness mom voter bloc.

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