Comedy sketch group Riot Act’s latest video takes on California’s liberal priorities — namely, its enthusiasm for abortion.

The video, aptly titled “Californabortion” (a play on Red Hot Chili Peppers hit “Californication”) pokes at California’s devotion to abortion as the state drowns in horrifying excesses of drug abuse and homelessness.

“Mayor of California Gavin Newsom invites everyone to visit the Golden State to partake in its newest, most lively attraction at the happiest place on earth,” the description of the video, which was written and directed by Adam Yenser and produced by Paul Bois and Yenser, reads.

“Hi, I’m Gavin Newsom, Mayor of California. And I want you to experience all the Golden State has to offer!” an actor playing left-wing California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, says.

“Catch a wave in a Malibu,” he offers, or “take in the view at Yosemite!”

“And check out the Golden Gate Bridge. Whoa! But watch out for human feces!”

While you’re in Cali, the actor continues, “Why not get an abortion? We’ll suck that thing right outta ya!”

“Then it’s off to see our giant redwoods. They’re disappearing due to climate change. So like your unborn fetus, they won’t be around forever,” he says, adding that the state is “home to the happiest place on earth … Planned Parenthood!”

“California! We care more about avocados than babies!” he closes.

The video then cleverly cuts out with a chorus of “Get a Californabortion,” instead of “Dream of Californication.”

As noted by pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, “California does not have any of the major types of abortion restrictions — such as waiting periods, mandated parental involvement or limitations on publicly funded abortions — often found in other states.” The state allows abortion up to “viability” (around 24-28 weeks) but allows broad exceptions for the mother’s general health.

California taxpayers reportedly paid for 88,466 abortions in 2010, according to the Guttmacher Institute. And a 2017 report from San Francisco Gate said there were 115 Planned Parenthood abortion clinics statewide.


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