Canada has, it seems, gone insane. Not much more insane than us, mind you. Canada, like Europe, is just a few train cars ahead of us, but we are all in the same train and on the same track, headed to the same ultimate destination. So this ravingly demented new story likely gives us a peek at our very near future.

A biological man, who now identifies as a woman and goes by the name Jessica Yaniv, is attempting to legally compel women to touch his genitals. He has filed human rights complaints against 15 estheticians, claiming that their refusal to wax his testicles is a violation of his inherent human rights. The women — some of whom have been driven out of business by the financial strain of having to defend themselves — denied the request for the rather logical reason that they do not provide that service. Yaniv was seeking male genitalia waxing from establishments that normally only do bikini waxes for women. One can imagine that waxing a man’s private parts is quite a different sort of process, replete with unique complications and dangers. As it happens, there is a place in Yaniv’s vicinity that specializes in male waxing for any males masochistic enough to request it, but Yaniv didn’t want to go to that place. He wanted to go to the place for women. Which raises the technical problem that he isn’t one.

This is all self-evidently ridiculous, of course. Yaniv is a man with man parts, no matter what he claims to believe about himself. Nobody has a moral right to anyone else’s labor — even less do they have a right to the labor of a professional genital waxer, and even less do they have the right to the labor of a professional genital waxer who specializes in waxing the genitals of the opposite sex. That Yaniv’s case is being considered at all — that this man was not laughed out of the building when he first went to file the paperwork — is an embarrassment to the entire nation of Canada and likely a harbinger of things to come in this country. And things are even worse than they first appear. Yaniv is not just a sadly confused man. He is also a predatory creep, which is not terribly surprising. After all, it is inherently predatory to try and force a woman’s hand down your pants, even if you are using the power of the state to do it.

The Post Millennial has done a deep dive into Yaniv’s social media postings and leaked text messages, and what they discovered is predictably revolting. Yaniv is a proud bigot who said he joined a women’s gym in part to avoid immigrants who “aren’t exactly the cleanest people.” They also “lie about sh*t” and “make things miserable for everyone,” according to Yaniv, the purported champion for human rights.

It’s interesting that Yaniv cites his anti-immigrant feelings as a reason to join a women’s gym. If he’s a woman, wouldn’t that be all the reason he needs? He clearly has ulterior motives for wanting to invade women’s spaces at the gym. What, then, are his ulterior motives for invading women’s spaces in bathrooms and locker rooms?

The Post Millennial sheds light on that question. Yaniv has, in posts and messages, reportedly inquired as to how many “vaginas and t*ts” he will have a chance to see when he goes into the ladies’ room. He’s also exhibited a strange fascination with periods, wondering whether he might be asked to help a girl with her pad or her tampon. Here’s one such gem from a text message reportedly sent by Yaniv:

“If I notice a girl that’s nude below and has a tampon string coming out when I’m changing and doing my stuff, is it weird to approach her to ask her for a tampon? or pad? Just to bond with her a bit over period stuff.”

In a different conversation, Yaniv asked whether it would be “weird” to ask a “10-12 year old girl for a pad.” Yaniv, to clarify once again, is a dude. He does not menstruate and never will menstruate. If he’s talking to 10-year-old girls about their pads, it’s not because he needs one.

On another occasion, Yaniv showed up at a hotel where a bunch of young girls had arrived for a beauty pageant. According to the organizer, Charlotte Millington, Yaniv took pictures of the girls. Millington was so frightened by the man’s presence and behavior that she threatened to call the police if he showed up again. Yaniv laughed at the threat.

Yaniv makes little effort to conceal his true intentions. On Twitter just a couple of days ago, he requested an “all bodies swim” at a pool “with allowance for people aged 12+ to go topless if they [w]ish as its allowed in law.” It turns out that he is in the process of actually organizing this event, which will be for LGBTQ people aged 12 and over with one caveat: Parents are not allowed to attend.

Are we supposed to believe that this man, who calls himself a “proud lesbian,” and is organizing an event for topless children, and has expressed an unhealthy interest in menstruating women, and wondered aloud about how many “t*ts” he’d see in the bathroom, is trying to force women to touch his genitals out of his passion for equal rights? Even if his intentions were essentially innocent, that wouldn’t change the fact that he is a man and these estheticians are humans — not his slaves. But it seems glaringly obvious that his intentions are not in the least bit innocuous.

To put it bluntly, Yaniv is a disgusting creep. And his creepiness is given cover and room to operate under the umbrella of progressive gender theory. As conservatives have warned for years, laws granting men access to women’s spaces can easily be exploited by perverts. Yaniv seems to qualify for that label quite resoundingly. He also qualifies for the labels “bully” and “predator.” Women should be taking him to court for harassment, at a minimum. But in this insane world, he is the one who gets to play the victim, and they are the ones who must defend themselves.

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