Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. (Wikimedia Commons)

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is warning of an “economic crash,” but a CNN reporter is pointing out her big-government prescriptions could cause “another crisis” if she were elected.

“I warned about an economic crash years before the 2008 crisis, but the people in power wouldn’t listen,” Warren wrote in a column for Medium.

“Now I’m seeing serious warning signs in the economy again — and I’m calling on regulators and Congress to act before another crisis costs America’s families their homes, jobs, and savings.”

But during a segment Monday, CNN business reporter Cristina Alesci insisted Warren was “proposing some solutions that actually might create another crisis,” the Political Insider reported.

In her column, Warren wrote: “Warning lights are flashing. Whether it’s this year or next year, the odds of another economic downturn are high — and growing. Congress and regulators should act immediately to tamp down these threats before it’s too late.”

Alesci commented that Warren is “shaping this conversation in a way that is politically convenient for her.”

“As far as her policy proposals, she is recommending lowering rents, offering affordable childcare, offering free tuition at colleges, all of that costs money the American public should be asking, ‘How do you pay for it?’”

The CNN reporter pointed out that one way would be to increase taxes and another is to increase government debt.

“This is the issue that the American people should be actually focused on because many experts say if we don’t get control of our debt over the next 10 years we could be facing a fiscal crisis,” she said.

$32 trillion plan with no middle-class tax hike?

Meanwhile, one of Warren’s chief rivals for the 2020 Democratic nomination, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, has insisted the $32 trillion health-care plan that she supports would not require any middle-class tax increases.

The plan originated with another 2020 candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who has admitted it would require higher taxes on the middle class.

Sanders contends the higher taxes would be offset by no longer having to pay premiums or out-of-pocket expenses for health care.

The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein noted that after endorsing the Sanders plan, which would effectively get rid of private insurance, Harris said, “I’m not in support of middle class families paying more taxes for it.”

She claimed the plan would be financed by Wall Street and unspecified taxes on financial services.

“The other part of it is to understand that this is about an investment, which will reap a great return on the investment,” she said. “We can’t only look at this issue in terms of cost without thinking of benefit.”


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