President Donald Trump thrilled young activists on Tuesday, denouncing the leftist “squad” of young Democrats promoting socialist policies.

He referred to the “squad” as “AOC plus three” but added, “…not that AOC is a bargain, because she is not.”

He reminded activists what they were facing in the 2020 election with the rise of socialism in the Democrat party.
“This Tlaib from Michigan, there’s no way she stands for the values of Michigan,” Trump said.

The president referred to a resurfaced video of Tlaib getting ejected from a Trump event before she was elected to Congress in 2018.

“She’s vicious, she’s like a crazed lunatic, she’s screaming, this is before she got into Congress, who elected her?” he continued. “She’s screaming like a total lunatic … this is not a sane person, folks … This is what we’re up against.”
He also reminded the audience of Tlaib’s history of using foul language.

“The language she uses, I mean she was throwing around a certain ‘F-Bomb,’” Trump continued. “She was throwing that out about the presidency and about the president and it’s just such a sad thing to see. How low have we gone?”

He also condemned the “squad’s” history of supporting antisemitic statements.

“We don’t like when they talk about evil Jews,” he said.

He also referred to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as “Cortez” and expressed astonishment that she referred to Americans as “garbage.”

He also referred to Rep. Ilhan Omar in Minnesota.

“You know why I’m going to win this state? Because of her,” he said.

The president spoke for more than an hour to a raucous group of about 1,000 activists at the Turning Point USA’s 2019 Teen Student Action Summit on Tuesday in Washington, DC. Trump’s speech was preceded by a highlight video of his political career and unprecedented win over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“That clip was great!” Trump said.

Trump also touched on recent cultural controversies such as Nike nixing sneakers featuring the Betsy Ross flag and Miss Michigan having her crown revoked after she was revealed to be a Trump supporter.

The radical left, he explained, had to be defeated in 2020.

“They see our history as a source of shame, our traditions and our victories as relics to be replaced, our values as obstacles to be removed, our citizens to be controlled and America as a menace to be constrained,” he said. “The agenda of the radical left is one of division, discord, and demolition.”

Trump said that he could name 20 more Democrats who were “worse” than the squad.

“At some point, we will be naming them if you don’t mind,” he said.

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