On November 28, 2009, Larry Ely Murillo-Moncada ran out of his parents’ Council Bluffs, Iowa, home without shoes during a snowstorm. They never saw him again.

The Washington Post reported that his parents filed a missing-person report and called anyone they could who might have seen him. Friends and family members posted fliers asking if anyone had seen him.

Ten years later and the family still had no answers as to what happened to their 25-year-old son. Last week, they learned that he had been a mile away the whole time, trapped behind a cooler at the supermarket where he had worked.

Investigators pieced together Murillo-Moncada’s final hours. He left his parents’ home at 6:15pm without shoes and without his keys and car, Sgt. Brandon Danielson told KPTM on Monday.

“He went missing in the middle of a blizzard,” he said. “He had left with just blue clothing on, no socks no shoes, didn’t take his I.D. or his cell phone.”

His mother previously had told the Daily Nonpareil through an interpreter that Murillo-Moncada had been prescribed an antidepressant just days before he disappeared but reacted negatively while taking it. She said he started to hear voices, and the confusion and disorientation that led him to seeking medical help didn’t go away. She said he started having hallucinations and began thinking “somebody was following him, and he was scared.”

Investigators now say that after Murillo-Moncada left his parents’ home he went to the No Frills Supermarket where he worked and scaled one of the large coolers in the storage area. He apparently fell 12 feet and was trapped between one of the units and the wall. Since the coolers are loud, no one heard his screams. Former employees told police they regularly climbed on the coolers.

“It’s so loud, there’s probably no way anyone heard him,” Danielson said.

Police visited the supermarket when they began the investigation, but since no one heard Murillo-Moncada’s screams, they didn’t know where he was. His body was badly decomposed, but clothing matched what he was wearing the night he disappeared and DNA was used to confirm his identity. An autopsy was conducted and found no signs of trauma. His death has been classified as accidental, the Post reported.

The No Frills Supermarket closed down in 2016. When a contractor came in to clear the place out, including the coolers, Murillo-Moncada’s body was found.

“This is the first time in my career that I’ve seen a body in this type of condition,” Danielson told KPTM.

The outlet had previously reported that a body had been found in January, and we are just now learning that it is Murillo-Moncada.

Danielson also told KETV that Murillo-Moncada’s mother somehow always believed her son was at the supermarket.

“The mother, she kind of had an idea that he had never left the No Frills,” Danielson told the outlet. “I don’t know how she came up with that idea.”

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