Male-to-female transgender LGBT activist Jessica Yaniv, who has filed a total of 16 complaints with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal against female estheticians who do not wish to wax his male genitalia, has now also been accused of sexually exploiting 20-year-old Jessica Rumpel when she was a teenager.

Yaniv allegedly began sending Rumpel inappropriate messages when the girl was just 14 years old (Yaniv would have been 27); in one message, for example, Yaniv whines that Rumpel is not yet 16 and that they therefore cannot “do anything with uuuu [sic].” In other disturbing messages, Yaniv asks to see the girl’s used menstrual pad and sends a voice message in an Elmo voice, singing, “Jessica Rumpel’s” breasts bounce “up and down.” Yaniv also suggested to Rumple that he was “horny,” following it up by telling the girl, “Why are u always so beautiful LOL.” He also sent her a video of a sex toy.

Rumpel came forward with screenshots of the messages and video of voice messages allegedly sent by Yaniv earlier this week, as first reported by The Post Millennial’s Anna Slatz.

“Rumpel states that Yaniv sent her a series of disturbing questions while anonymous, before adding her to the private messenger application Kik. Kik is known to law enforcement for its notoriously poor protection of children, and its routine usage by pedophiles to message each other and their victims. According to Rumpel, Yaniv allegedly presented himself as a young male in his ‘late twenties,’ and claims that he used pictures of himself when he was younger in their initial conversation,” Slatz reported.

“He liked to make himself be the victim. He actually told me he had folliculitis and depression,” said Rumple, adding, “I always wanted to be there for anyone who was suffering. Anyone who needed someone to listen to them.”

According to Slatz, Rumpel filed a report of child exploitation against Yaniv on Tuesday.

“I cannot express my feelings … My thoughts are with the other young girls [Yaniv] has done this to,” Rumpel told The Post Millennial.

Yaniv denied knowing Rumpel and sending the messages to the outlet, though The Post Millennial confirmed Facebook messages were sent from Yaniv’s “trustednerd” verified account.

“I have no idea who that is,” Yaniv said. “There has [sic] been a lot of fake accounts of me out there, and a lot of people trying to put disparaging content out there. So I have no idea who this person is at all.”

Rumple posted some of the disturbing exchanges on her Twitter account:

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